January 21, 2022


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There are lots of reasons brides choose to do a bridal portrait session. However, most would argue that the main reason for doing one is to do a trial run of their wedding day look and work out any kinks before the big day. From the hair to the make-up, to a bride’s shoe choice, bridal sessions allow brides to get a feel for how things will work on their wedding day. While all this is true, there are some less obvious but equally important benefits to booking a bridal session with your photographer.

One of my favorite reasons for brides to book a bridal session is that we are able to shoot at the prime time of day, or rather the golden hour. Lighting is everything when it comes to creating beautiful portraits. Because we can’t control what type of weather will occur on the actual wedding day, it’s another chance to make sure you get all the photographs you were hoping for in your dress.

Getting a chance to walk around in your wedding day shoes also sheds light on whether you will be comfortable during your wedding day or if you need an alternate pair of shoes for dancing the night away.

If you are using indoor venues for your wedding day, I highly recommend a bridal session due to lighting set-ups, such as off-camera flash, which require time and patience. There is only so much time for portraits on the wedding day, it’s nice to have images already checked off the list. In addition, this will allow your photographer to see which lighting set-ups work best in each location so portraits of you and your groom, as well as wedding party, can move faster and more efficiently.

Another reason brides choose to do a bridal is because their mothers want them to. haha! I can’t deny how special these sessions become for mothers and daughters. You both have been dreaming of this moment for so long, it’s a bittersweet time. Did I mention how much laughter and cutting up there actually is? Simply put, it’s just FUN! Plus, your mom gets a beautiful portrait of you to display at the wedding reception and/or at home.

Sometimes brides have another special place other than their wedding day venue they hold close to their hearts. This could be a vacation home or the home they grew up in. A change of venue or scenery is another reason brides choose to do a bridal.

Last but not least, by doing a bridal session, you get to build a good rapport with your photographer. Every moment spent together is just another opportunity to build that relationship. Brides who choose to do a bridal prior to their wedding day always seem more calm on their wedding day. Knowing you already have beautiful photos of yourself in your dress not only takes something off your plate, you’ll gain additional trust in your photographer, helping you stay upbeat and relaxed the day of your wedding.


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