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Whitney and Timothy Married!

Because I have lived in Knoxville for only a few years, I would be lying if I said I knew lots of people in this area. However, it just so happened that a girl I used to work with when I was a realtor broke off into the wedding industry as well. She went into “wedding dresses” and I into photography. Hooray! I must say that Chasta from White Lace and Promises really turned my day around when she texted me a lead for a wedding. She said, “The bride is Whitney Fox. You know . . . the Foxes of Clinton???” Like I said before, I don’t know many folks in the area so it was like cricket-cricket on my end of the phone. After sending over some wedding package information, the deal was quickly sealed by a contract.

Although I typically would meet the bride before getting a contract, Chasta served as the “middleman” and returned the contract to me signed by the bride’s mother. The following week, I was sacked out on my couch (probably taking a break to watch the Tyra Show or Dr. Phil), and a commercial came on about Toyotas. Since I drive a toyota myself and will be looking for a new car in the next year or so, I listened up. At the end of the commercial, a toyota logo with the “Foxes of Clinton” flashed across the screen. Immediately, I sprung off the couch, did a fist pump into the air, and shouted, “I know them! I know somebody on TV!” Fortunately, I was able to meet the bride and her mother before the big day for a bridal shoot in Sequoyah Hills.

Whitney and Karen were just as sweet as could be! When the wedding day rolled around, their personalities were just as I had remembered them. Whitney is a sweet southern belle. No matter what is going on around her, Whitney can remain calm and smile pleasantly. Timothy acts much in the same way. Whitney and Timothy are such a relaxed couple, soaking in every moment. I feel lucky to have been part of such a beautiful day for both families at Dara’s Garden. Chasta made everything flow so smoothly by helping design and coordinate the wedding.  AND the flowers from Lisa Foster were gorgeous! Here are a few of my favorites from Whitney’s bridal shoot and the wedding day. Be sure to click HERE for the slideshow!

This picture would look great as a canvas! Love it!

My husband Nathan came over to help assist for a few hours before going to a fundraiser for his department at UT! Here he is doing a goofy stand-in for the bride so I can check my lighting.  He was trying to bring out his feminine side.  LOL!

I love how pleasant Whitney looks in this cake shot.  She’s like “Oh yes. Just all in a day’s work. La-dee-dah.” Cracks me up!

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