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Wes and Lacy Married!: Black Fox Farms Wedding

There is comfort in small towns.  I grew up in a small town Cleveland, TN.  The same streets that I used to ride down in a car seat later became my gateways to freedom at sixteen.  However, it’s hard to get lost when all the back roads lead home.  The thing that I love most about small towns is knowing everyone.  Neighbors become friends and sometimes friends become family.  Although Lacy, Wes, and I are all from Cleveland, I don’t know Wes because of Lacy or Lacy because of Wes.  In fact, our paths crossed at different stages of life and then came together for this very special day.

My first encounter with Lacy was probably when I was five.  We both danced ballet together at Paula Duff’s School of Dance. Every week we would gather into a sea of ballerinas and tippy toe across the floor.  I specifically remember Lacy because of her beauty and grace.  She was one of the best dancers in class and was well-liked by the teachers.  Every Spring Paula Duff’s School of Dance would put on a recital at Lee University’s Conn Center.  I loved recital time! The make-up, the lights, the stage, the flowers; it was all divine.  More importantly, I loved hearing that I was “the best” from my parents who would shower me with hugs and kisses after it was all over.

As tradition would have it, everyone in your particular dance class would perform in the same recital number.  However, one Spring, Paula Duff got a wild hair and decided to split our class up into TWO dances.  One dance was called the “Picnic Dance” . . . BORING, the other “Beauty and the Beast.” After Paula and her assistants showed us a preview of each of the dances, I just knew I was meant for the “Beauty and the Beast” dance.  It was the best dance out of the two and more advanced.

“Beauty and the Beast” was the number one hit for Disney that year so every girl’s eyes twinkled at the thought of dancing in such a number.  I wasn’t worried, however. I figured I was a shoe-in.  As Paula ran down the list, calling each girl’s name and recital number, all the best dancers in class, Lacy included, were being placed in the “Beauty and the Beast” dance.  As I sat chatting to the girls beside me, my name was suddenly called.  “Lori Clark?” Paula said, pausing for a moment.  My head perked up.  “Picnic!” she declared and moved on down the list.  GASP! “What? This has to be a mistake! Sue this woman!” I thought.  Although I was still baffled by Paula’s decision, I scooched my bottom across the floor to the picnic side of the room.  The class had officially been segregated and I was on the outside sadly looking in.  On the other side of the room, Lacy and the other girls twirled with excitement.  Even at the age of five, I could do math.  If a+b=c, then I was a bad dancer:(

As they say, “time will heal your wounds” and so it did.  When I crossed paths with Wes, I was a sophomore in college at the University of TN – Chattanooga.  It was moving day and mom and I were carrying boxes up and down flights of stairs to my apartment on campus. Between the first and second floor, I met Wes.  And when I say “met,” I mean said a friendly “hello” in passing.  Immediately, my mom and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows and gave that “hmm” look.  “Welp, good to know there’s another cute guy in the building in case I get dumped,” I said matter-of-factly.  My boyfriend at the time had just moved in down the hall.  Ten minutes later, I met my boyfriend’s roommate.  It was Wes.  Conflict of interest you might say. haha! Plan B was aborted.

Again, years past.  Although I wasn’t the best dancer or the luckiest in love, I found a passion for photography and started posting my work to facebook.  Lacy and I were friends on facebook and suddenly took a new interest in each other’s lives. She became a fan of my photography and I became interested in this “thing” going on between her and Wes (she doesn’t know that but I was keeping tabs). Lacy and Wes had always been Cleveland acquaintances but it took years for them to form a friendship.  Wes, however, found himself in love.  Lacy?  Not so much.  In fact, on a trip to Florida to visit a mutual friend, she found herself very annoyed by Wes.  Needing a few moments of fresh air, Lacy wondered off outside.  Wes found himself left with her purse. When Wes finally found Lacy, she told him that she wanted to be alone, he was getting on her nerves, and she wanted to go home.  Frustrated, Wes slammed Lacy’s purse on the ground and shouted, “I love you, Lacy! Why don’t you love me back?!”  Shocked that Wes proclaimed his love for her and simultaneously broke everything in her purse, she didn’t know what to say.  After all, this was very out of character for Wes. She wasn’t even sure if she liked him at the moment.  Lacy was going to need some time to think.  Fortunately, the purse incident was overlooked and their friendship continued to grow.  Keeping Wes’ proclamation of love in the back of her mind, Lacy wondered if she loved him back.  Only time would tell and so it did. On August 14, 2010, Lacy vowed to love Wes back.  *Sigh* I just love a good love story :) I put together a SLIDESHOW of Lacy and Wes to a song that reminded me of their relationship and how it started.  Here are a few of my favorites from their day as well:

Some details to set the scene . . .

Lacy and the getting-ready giggles :)

Checking the doppler radar for rain . . . we actually did get caught in a little storm.  Glad it didn’t last long!

I just LOVE Lacy’s eyes! So pretty! She looks summery fresh thanks to Jessica and Machelle from Headquarters Salon in Cleveland!

Not only is Lacy beautiful, but she's funny too! LOL!

Watching the rain pass . . .

All the bouquets were made by Joe from Perry’s Petals.  She also did my wedding flowers :)

She could be Barbie with her hour-glass figure.  Loved her Maggie Sottero dress from Ever After in Cleveland!

Lacy decided to indulge in the sprinkling rain as we crossed over to the barn.  haha!

I adore these next two pictures! SO GLAMOROUS!

Kids. It’s a process.

The bride and her mommy

The handsome groom

I love when doggies are incorporated into the wedding processional! Tillie was the flower girl!

All eyes are on Lacy . . .

Stopping to give dad some kisses . . .  :)

I love the way Lacy is looking at Wes.  Melt . . .

A little fist pump from the newlyweds! haha!

So romantic . . . I absolutely LOVED Black Fox Farms!  So many great places for pictures! I felt like I was in another world!

I told you that Lacy was a good dancer.  Look at the way she arches her back!

A dance with mom . . . so sweet.

I feel the exact same way about chocolate cake.  LOL!

Lacy and Haley showing me their best model moves in front of the industrial size fan! Lots of hair-wind action.

And they’re off to happily ever after!  Be sure to click HERE for their slideshow!

  • Denise DeArmond - August 30, 2010 - 9:56 am

    Those are absolutely fabulous wedding pictures!! Of course, look at the material you had to work with :)

  • admin - August 30, 2010 - 2:17 pm

    Lacy and Wes and everyone that was there was so easy to work with and photograph! Talk about taking a load off! Thanks for the comment, Denise!

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