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Wax Art & Imaging USA 2013 Review

This past Sunday I visited Atlanta for the ImagingUSA 2013 expo to scope out all the latest and greatest products for my clients. Although the show was smaller than the one held in Nashville two years ago, I got to meet with some vendors that have been on my radar over the last few weeks. Because I work very closely on all ends of my business, I typically have a sense when something is becoming less and less relevant to my client base and when a change needs to be made. Without being too specific, I have decided to do a trial-run with some new vendors, phasing out some old ones that I believe will be struggling to keep their current market share in a few years. I am so excited to be bringing these new changes to my clients this year! I got your back YO! With all that being said, I am STILL so proud to be working with some of the vendors that I’ve been using all along. They still have the best quality materials in my mind. Honestly there were companies that tried giving me stuff and I wouldn’t even take it for FREE! Ick! If I wouldn’t be proud to show it in my own home, I’m certainly not going to try selling it to my friends and clients. I like my products to be gorgeous yet durable. AND speaking of . . . check out these NEW PRINTS of Mr. and Mrs. Cole I just hung in the office! It’s your image printed on fine art paper + organic beeswax + oil pigments on wood! I’M IN LOVE!

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