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VBT Review: Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard

Lately I’ve become a walking advertisement for some companies. I can’t help it! Once I find something I truly believe in, I can’t stop talking about it! VBT (Vermont Bicycling Tours) is no exception. Although the company originated in Vermont, it has added tours in other regions of the United States and even INTERNATIONALLY! *Oh squeal!* In addition, VBT now offers walking and cross-country skiing tours. With my husband’s 30th birthday and graduation from his PhD program on the horizon, I knew I needed to do something BIG as a surprise gift. Since his dissertation topic was centered around destination tourism, it seemed fitting to plan a trip somewhere we had never been before. Typically, Nathan plans and takes care of all the details of our trips. Setting out to impress him with some fantastic travel plans, I began my online search to work out the logistics of our trip. A few days later, I felt overwhelmed, worried I was going to make the wrong decision and spend too much money on a trip that could go great . . . or be a disaster. Pitching my first idea, I brainstormed again and recalled some wonderful travel memories with my parents and sister on a bike tour through Vermont years prior. Remembering that VBT had expanded into other areas, I checked out their website. After reading over some of the destination itineraries, I WAS SOLD! VBT is where “roughing it” and luxury meet, which is a perfect mix for couples like Nathan and me. VBT takes great care in providing its guests with amazing tour guides, the best accommodations, fantastic restaurant options, and a dose of the area’s culture. Although Nathan and I were the youngest in our tour group, we were definitely the lamest. LOL! The individuals in our group had been to SO many different places and experienced SO many different things, they instantly became our heroes. They were fascinating AND fun! We couldn’t have chosen a more perfect group to travel with. Needless to say, Nathan and I had an absolute BLAST biking through Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard this past Spring. Although I may have ridden the least miles (115), I bet I took the most pictures ;) haha!  Below you’ll find a mixture of film and digital images. Here’s a little taste of the beauty we saw:

We began our journey in beautiful Cape Cod, staying at the Bradford Inn.  Our first day was a little chilly but it warmed up as the week went on.

Starting my day off right with a latte of course ;) Our guides always made snack time special :) I love that VBT provides a shuttle along its routes.  They’re there to pick you up if need or desire arises. You may recognize this lighthouse on your bag of potato chips :) Ferrying over to Martha’s Vineyard . . . Ladies, I mean WHAT would we do without our men to capture our best side on trips?! LOL! Flying around the parking lot doing my own rendition of West Side Story I’m sure . . . Ferrying over to Chappaquiddick Island . . . Rocking the riding gloves . . .

OH THE SIGHTS! This hound dog was cracking me up! Seeing a fleet of bikes pass is probably the highlight of his week! hahaha!

The picturesque Edgartown . . .

The Harbor View Hotel and Resort where we stayed :)
One of our tour guides Toril, who participated in the 1972 Olympics as an alpine skier!

Toril cracks me up! hahaha!  “Nathan! Seriously, you need to get my good side!” LOL! Aquinnah Cliffs!  Menemsha, the site where Jaws was filmed. Watching the fisherman unload their day’s catch while eating THE BEST lobster roll and bisque soup! Harbor View Hotel on our last night  . . . We’ll call this last portion the FINALE of our trip.  LOL!  The morning of everyone’s departure, the group took a quick bike ride over to Katama Beach, where Nathan and our other group leader Keja were slated to take a Polar Bear Plunge into the cold Atlantic. Here’s Nathan warming up for his dip. hahaha! Here’s the group watching this monstrosity.  hahaha!  But wait . . .  Out of no where, Del comes running down the beach in his skivvies and makes a last minute plunge into the ocean with Keja and Nathan. LOL!  BEST. MOMENT. EVER. This is what young at heart looks like: Bottom line: Take a VBT trip sometime in your life! You won’t regret it! And, of course, tell them that Nathan and Lori Line sent ya ;)

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