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Sunday Fun Day!

Spring returned to us on Sunday. In our neighborhood that means the park will be packed. Given that Rupert has become quite the socialite these days, we decided to give him a Sunday fun day. Everyone at the park always seems to love him, especially once they know his name :) Our walk started off the same with parents asking if their kids can pet Rupert. Soon, a little line begins and parents have to pull their children away saying, “Alright, let’s go.

Rupert’s got more customers.” haha! Then, of course, Rupert has to meet all the other dogs in the park. AND because the river was low, Rupert almost dug himself to China! I’m so glad that I actually brought my camera on this walk! I always get out there and then wish I had. Here are just a few common Rupert moments that I’ll cherish forever:

It was a bright sunshine, strong winds kind of day . . . Rupert was SO excited that his scratching around/digging was actually getting him somewhere. LOL! Rupert meets Andrew. Exhausted. The end.

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