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Sandra and Josh: Tennessee Valley Fair

If I were to ever visit Las Vegas, I might never come back. I am such a sucker for twinkly lights, sparkly things, and energetic atmospheres. Every once in a while, Nathan will look over and find me staring into the distance with a little smile. He’ll say, “Ok, you’re either thinking about poodles or something shiny.” LOL! I just can’t help myself!

With that said, I think that I am drawn to “night shooting” because everything just seems to sparkle :) Since traveling to Las Vegas was out of the question, Knoxville’s Tennessee Valley Fair would have to suffice. Since I wasn’t sure of the logistics of shooting in such a crowded public place, I posted a casting call to my blog in hopes of finding a couple that would be patient during the shoot and help me achieve my vision for the images I wanted. When choosing the couple, availability and flexibility in their schedules was a high priority. Thus, if you were not chosen this time around, I appreciate you applying and your application will remain on file for future opportunities.

As fate would have it, Sandra and Josh were available for Tuesday, which was the best weather day of the fair! Sandra and I hit the mall the Sunday prior to the shoot to come up with a wardrobe concept. Sandra’s dress we found at Dillard’s and Josh’s sweater and undershirt were found at Express. We became a little enchanted by the “old school” look of Josh’s sweater. The whole fair idea with the “old school” sweater reminded me of the movie “Grease.” We could have done a little more layering with his sweater but the temps were on the rise again so that idea was out.

Anyhow, we had so much fun at the fair! I love getting to shoot for me because it always seems to reignite my passion for photography and to try new things! Sandra and Josh, thank you for allowing me to have my play time. Emi, thank you for helping me through this process as a second shooter and an extra pair of hands! Much love! Here are a few favorites from our time at the fair:

The next set of pictures was taken while we were riding some sort of aerial, revolving bus.  I was totally a kid again and couldn’t stop waving at Emi watching from below.  It was like I was a child and Emi was my mom and I just wanted to make sure that she was watching me have fun on the ride. LOL!

So sweet . . . AND not only is Sandra beautiful but she is also VERY talented.  Check out her band “The Old City Buskers.” They would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner, wedding, or cocktail party!

The ferocious Catepillar roller coaster . . .

I know I’ve said this before in Sandra and Josh’s wedding post, but I want Sandra’s teeth! I love how her face just lights up when she smiles!

Honestly, who wouldn’t be happy to see Sandra?! LOL! 

The next picture might be one of my favorites! I just love the color and the movement of the spaceship lights behind them!

Sandra and Josh are quite entertaining the moment music comes on!


Adore this next photo! Totally selling the love :)

What else is there to do on a ferris wheel? Do note the couple behind them as well :) Get a room! haha! The end.

  • Sandra Hillhouse Moats - September 22, 2010 - 7:40 pm

    Lori! The pictures are AMAZING!!! LOVE them!!! :-D

    We should also thank Emi’s husband for carrying around my heels for half the night. :-)

  • Rich Smith - September 23, 2010 - 7:41 am

    Great job Lori! The night shots are incredible!

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