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Sam and Lindsay Married!

I woke up the next morning feeling like wedding roadkill.  The reception the night before didn’t end until approximately 1 am eastern time.  Although it was late, everyone wanted the celebration to continue shouting “One more song! One more song!” over and over to the DJ whose time was up.  In all fairness, I had been warned.  Nicole, Lindsay’s sister, said “We’re kinda like the Kardashians.”  As she set out to explain the similarities between her family and the Kardashians, I wasn’t completely sold at the time.  Because I am a huge fan of the E! show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” I couldn’t imagine any family being able to match such chaotic family dynamics. Uhh . . . let’s just say that I was proved wrong. Haha!

The family tree would be hard to explain, or draw in my case since I’ve a visual learner.  There are half brothers and sisters, friends who have been accepted as family, children’s children, and folks who are called granny but aren’t really granny.  When it came time for the family pictures, some people were still trying to put their coats and ties on in the parking lot, people were shouting for others to hurry, children scurried back and forth

between shots, Granny J was chanting “doodly doodly doo” over my shoulder trying to get the kids to look my way, and brothers and sisters were being pushed and pulled into shots.  It was exactly what you might see in the beginning credits of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”  As I wiped my brow, I prayed “Lord, help me Jesus!”

Although I am generally more methodical when it comes to family photos, I embraced the chaos and decided to not force perfection.  When I returned home and began to edit the photos, I couldn’t stop laughing!  I think the images are a perfect representation of the Pillatsch/Glenn Clan. My only hope is that they will look back on these photos and laugh out loud just as I did.  They truly are a beautiful family.  They yell loudly.  They cry softly.  They love openly. I had so many favorites from this wedding, this blog post is going to seem out of control!  It was such a fun day with many precious moments.  To see more from this wedding, click HERE to view the slideshow. Please feel free to leave some words of adoration for this amazing family in the comment box!

3rd Avenue South: Nashville, TN

Lindsay and Sam’s daughter Halle

The dress


Quick stop on the stairwell.

Love these shots! Model material!

Reminds me of Paris!

What an endearing picture . . .

Nicole's toast was received with tears.

The lighting for the reception was AWESOME!

(Mentally insert batman signal in top right corner)

Night shot overlooking 2nd Avenue! So Hollywood!

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