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Ryan and Virginia Married!: Fairyland Club

Oh wow! I just loved so many things about Ryan and Virginia’s wedding day . . . perhaps because it had a similar european, rustic, celtic theme as mine and Nathan’s. The details of this wedding and the celtic rituals were so unique. Everything I saw, I got SO excited about! Virginia and I kept joking that we are soul sisters. At one point she was contemplating if she should wear the green jeweled necklace she brought or go with something more conservative. When she asked my opinion, I said, “Girl, you already know what I’m gonna tell you; glam ALL the way.” Virginia and I could trade accessories very easily ;) BUT, the tidbit story that I have to tell everyone that makes Virginia all the more adorable is how she came to be. I will try to be as historically accurate as possible. Virginia’s mother Peggy always wanted a girl after having two boys. However, Peggy was having difficulty getting pregnant so her parents made a last-ditch effort to adopt. Prayers answered, a little baby girl was secured for Virginia’s parents in another country. When Virginia’s mother went to pick up the child, the adoption process became complicated, requiring Peggy to reside in the country for a prolonged period of time before taking the child back to the states. Things were simply not going to work out once again. Defeated, Peggy returned to the states and eventually accepted that a baby girl was not in the cards for her. Years passed and her boys were now grown. Yet, just as Virginia’s parents

were closing one chapter of their lives, preparing for empty-nest syndrome, fate took a hand. There her parents were . . . sitting in the doctor’s office . . . expecting that the doctor had found something bad during Peggy’s check-up. However, to their surprise, the doctor announced that Peggy was PREGNANT! (Insert Father of the Bride: Part 2 doctor’s office scene here where George Banks asks, “AND who may I ask is the father?!”) Nine months later, sweet little Virginia was born. God finally delivered the answer to all Peggy’s prayers. Virginia expressed that her brothers were so much older than she was when she was born, it was like having three dads . . . like Three Men and a Baby. I know . . . the movie references are outta control here. Anyways, I am so glad that Virginia finally came to be and that Ryan swooped up this special gem! Exhausted from planning her walk down the aisle, Virginia fell asleep between her parents in their bed the night before the wedding. LOL! TOO STINKING CUTE! Ryan was so anxious to see Virginia the day of their wedding, he got a little sick the morning of. All anxiety went away the moment he saw her though. He couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful she looked after their first look :) Seeing Virginia and Ryan’s vulnerabilities during this process just made them all the more endearing. What can I say? I’m a huge fan of this couple! Here are a few of my favorite images from their day:

Let’s begin our story with some details . . . Probably texting each other ;) I love Virginia’s nose scrunch and her Jessica Alba up-do! Oh ya know . . . just getting dressed outside the men’s bathroom . . . LOL! This next picture of Virginia is GORGEOUS! So Hollywood glam! FAV! The bride and groom! A moment from their first look . . . WOW, WOW, WOW! Look at those eyes! The boys . . . The gals . . . I just HAD to put these pics in of Virginia and her mom! Precious! AND her mom pretty much did all the decor for this wedding! Unbelievable! Rachel Payne Celtic Harpist setting the tone for the ceremony . . . The boys being led in by the bagpiper . . . Virginia’s walk down the aisle . . . I loved the moment after they kissed :) I just loved the golden light we had! This picture is my favorite!!! Or this one . . . Do note the roaring fire in the background of the second pic. It was a celtic reception fit for a king and queen! So elaborate yet cozy! Virginia and Ryan being welcomed into their reception . . . SWOON! A dance with mom . . . A dance with brother . . . Love, Peace, and Happiness Band kept an entertaining party . . . WHOA NELLY . . . LOL! Love this next shot! And they’re off to happily ever after . . . also known as Napa Valley ;) Special thanks to the always wonderful Foxy Events for keeping things organized and running smoothly!

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