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Meet Rupert!: Our New Addition

Meet Rupert Falcor Line, the dog who chose us. I had no idea that this would be how Nathan and I would acquire our first dog. In fact, I always pictured that our first dog would be a little girl poodle, just as my family has always owned. We, of course, would get it from a small local breeder as well. When I first moved to Knoxville in March of 2007, I found myself lonely and in need of some canine contact. Every friday after leaving my job, I would head over to the mall and hang out at the pet store. As I passed each cage’s window, I would smile and wave to each dog. On occasion I would ask if I could hold one of their dogs. Although I knew I wasn’t going to buy one, I liked to “try on” certain dogs for size and picture myself walking down the street in cute matching outfits. Then, one friday, I came back to the mall to find the pet store CLOSED. With my hands on the window, I was suddenly like those little puppies looking out into a world that may never be. Would I ever find my dog?

Since that time, Nathan and I became engaged, married, quit our corporate jobs to follow our dreams, and moved to the other side of town. Needless to say, my friday nights became filled with other activities. However, in the back of my mind, I always thought about what I would name my dog if I had one. Although I have always pictured myself with girls, including a girl dog, I never could come up with any names that sounded right. Boy names . . . I got them coming out my ears! One day while watching Family Guy, I realized how much I loved that Stewie had named his stuffed bear Rupert. I’m obsessed with any name that sounds wonderful in a british accent. At that moment I decided that I wanted to name my dog Rupert and, by default, it would have to be a boy. And so my quest for Rupert began. Fortunately, another pet store had recently opened up in town so I began my search there. Although I looked at all their poodles, I just couldn’t decide. I wasn’t sure that Rupert was there. I continued my searches online yet nothing ever seemed to work out. Again, I went to the pet store and again I walked away without a dog. I simply was not finding Rupert. I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for but I just knew that I would know him when I saw him.

A few weeks later, I convinced Nathan to take a trip to the pet store with me as part of our date night. I was excited to see if he would think any of the “toy” dogs were cute. Nathan has always wanted a big dog. As we walked around the store, we picked up a few dogs to see how we liked them. While I was in the back of the store holding some poodles, I noticed that Nathan kept walking up to one crib at the front of the store. Intrigued that he hadn’t moved from that spot in a while, I put the poodles down and walked to the front of the store. As I approached the crib, an employee informed me that this was the crib with all the newbie babies. In the crib were about eight to ten little ones. As I leaned over the crib, looking in with Nathan, all the puppies rushed to the front.

“Whoa! What is that thing?!” I exclaimed. “Is that a multi-colored poodle?!”
“Oh no,” an employee chimed in, “that’s a Chorkie.”
“A whatie?” I asked.
“A chihuahua and a yorkie mix,” she explained. “He’s the only one that came out that way. Look. These are his brothers and sisters.”

Yep. This dog was definitely weird, which I liked. All his brothers and sisters looked like chihuahuas with pointy ears. This dog had floppy ears with a round face and crazy hair. “Could this be Rupert?” I thought. At that time Nathan picked him up. As the dog nibbled on Nathan’s jacket zipper, I could see Nathan falling in love. When he asked for the price of the dog, my suspicions

were justified. The price was way more than we wanted to pay. As we continued to play with the little guy, the price started to feel less and less. Raising the puppy up in the air so I could look deep into his eyes, I asked, “Are you Rupert?” The dog looked up to the ceiling and to the side walls. He wasn’t giving me a sign. Not wanting to be impulsive buyers, we placed the puppy back into his crib. As we turned to walk away, the puppy wailed at the top of his lungs and tried jumping out of the crib! Nathan and I immediately looked at each other as though we didn’t know what to do. Everyone around seemed shocked by this puppy’s response to us. The manager said, “Whoa, I’ve never seen him do that!” Suddenly, I felt like I was leaving my baby behind and tried not to cry. As another family came over to the crib, trying to pick him up, he rushed to the back of the crib and sulked. Still, we left him behind.

The rest of the night, Nathan and I couldn’t stop talking about him. However, the price was steep. There were other dogs that were less expensive. We could even adopt a dog from the shelter. In fact, I even drove all the way to Alabama to check out some less expensive poodles the next day. Although they were cute, I didn’t feel a connection. It was then that I knew that I had already found Rupert! The question was “Am I too late again?” Immediately, I called my mom and had heart to heart about how I had found Rupert and didn’t care how much he cost because he was mine and Nathan’s baby. When that little dog wailed, he was choosing us. He was not a poodle like I had expected. He was not a pure breed. He was not even going to be a big dog like Nathan would have wanted . Yet, that little dog decided last minute that he could be Rupert when he cried out to us. Knowing that Nathan was smitten with this dog already, I hurried to make payment arrangements, sending out my second shooter Emi to make a deposit on him since I was out of town and Nathan was in Nashville. It was a whirlwind of emotion and excitement. Six days later, I surprised Nathan with Rupert after I told him days before that he had sold to another family. haha! I’m so sneaky . . . and mean. A few days after getting Rupert, Nathan and I went for our first vet visit. As the doctor opened the door to the waiting room, she called out, “Rupert?” in a british accent. As Stewie would say, “Oh, it’s perfect! Down to the last detail.”

I love his wild but soft hair!Hanging out in the office while I work . . .His best friend is our space heater.  He’ll sit by it even if it’s not on. It’s pretty funny.Lazy morning . . .

  • Paige - January 18, 2011 - 10:42 am

    he looks so much like barrister when he was little! i LOVE him!!! we need a puppy play date soon!!! i wanna hold him!

  • Lonna - January 18, 2011 - 12:24 pm

    Oh my goodness. I am in love with Rupert. Enjoy your adorable designer baby!

  • Liz - January 18, 2011 - 3:45 pm

    Oh Lori, he is PERFECT!! What a cutie!!! I can see why you both just fell in love with him! :D Congrats on your new furbaby!! hehe

  • admin - January 19, 2011 - 7:48 pm

    Thanks girls! I love that I have a little furball waiting for me when I get home! And I’m not talking about Nathan with his raccoon chest. LOL!

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