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Meet Part of My Crew: Natalie on What to Wear!

Finally, I have gotten around to making this post. These pictures were taken in MAY! It’s been a busy summer to say the least. Natalie joined the team at Lori Line Photography back in March as an assistant and second shooter. The thing that I love most about Natalie is that she is very easy to get along with and can befriend anyone. People are just drawn to her and she can put others instantly at ease. As the main shooter, I find it hard at times to think about what I’m doing mathematically and creatively with my camera and carry on a conversation with a client. This doesn’t happen a lot but sometimes I have those “oh crap” moments and have to figure out what I need to do to make a shot work. Natalie is like the nice nurse that distracts the patient while the other nurse (me) gives the shot. Before you know it, it’s all over and you might even get a lollipop if you’re good. LOL!

Natalie and I decided to do this shoot for several reasons. One: she needed an official blog introduction. Two: we wanted this post to serve as a “What to Wear Guide.” Three: I wanted to try some new shooting techniques and practice makes perfect, right? We had lots of fun styling this shoot! From the clothes to the hair and make-up, we wanted to give 100% so in return we were left with better images. I truly believe that photography is a two-way creative process. If a client is “ho-hum” about his or her shoot, photographers are left scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to create something that doesn’t resemble “ho-hum” but “wows!” If you want to get your photographer really excited about your session, just call them up with an idea. They totally want to hear it and make your dreams come true! With that said, let’s break Natalie’s shoot down into detail.

For the casual part of Natalie’s session, we wanted a fresh, summery feel. Something that would remind people of perhaps a plantation of some sort in Charleston, SC. Obviously, going to SC was not going to happen but we scouted out a location that would give us that feel.
Natalie is playing with her hat and hanging from the tree. These actions are free-spirited and playful which lends to the tone of summer.
In this next picture, we used an antique camera as a prop. This conveys her position at Lori Line Photography as an assistant and second-shooter.
Natalie is wearing lots of color. Well, sort of. If we took away the fedora and the necklace, the outfit would fall flat. Natalie might as well be running errands. The necklace and the fedora took the outfit to a whole new level, adding color and interest. The hat, necklace, shirt, and sweater were bought from Banana Republic. The jeans are from J.Crew. The shoes were bought from Dillards.
If your accessories or outfits are fun, you’ll automatically feel more playful. You know how you are in the dressing room of your favorite store . . . you strut, make cool faces at yourself in the mirror, and pretend for just a moment that you’re the sh*t and can totally afford everything that you’re wearing. What? No?! Maybe that’s just me! haha! Well, I still think that I’m on to something and believe that if you LOVE what you’re wearing, you’ll strut it during the shoot. Please note the next 3 pictures. LOL! Love you, Natalie!

Another thing to note is how layered Natalie looks even in summer. She looks fantastic and straight out of a magazine! No individual piece is too busy. Small patterns (small checks, pinstripes, and little polka-dots) do not translate well in photographs. Think more along the lines of texture and layers, not patterns.

FAKE EYELASHES! Getcha some! Unless you have naturally amazing eyelashes, I suggest a pair of fake ones. They really bring out the eyes and add a little extraordinary to those close-ups. Many make-up counters will do your make-up for free if you buy a product (like the fake eyelashes), especially on the weekdays. Sometimes there’s a fee on weekends, however, so be prepared. Huge thanks to Charlie at the Mac Counter Belk at West Towne Mall-Knoxville for doing the make-up for Natalie’s casual shoot!

Next up is Natalie in a beautiful, hot-pink, satin dress from White House Black Market. The ruching across the chest and the black ribbon belt really made the dress.

For this part of the shoot, Linda from the Mac Counter Belk at West Towne Mall-Knoxville did all the makeup. She did an amazing job and is always so friendly!

Juxtaposing your outfit to the location can draw interest to the photo. Normally, no one would be standing in a scrap yard wearing a cocktail dress. However, it looks high-fashion and makes Natalie stick out . . . in a good way :) Would I juxtapose for every shoot? No. In this case, it works.

Ok, seriously I LOVE this next photo. The door bars frame Natalie and draw our attention right to her.

In my personal opinion and perhaps preference, I always suggest wearing color. If you are coming to a shoot as a couple, I recommend wearing colors that are along the same vein.

Again, we brought in a prop that not only gave us the light we needed but also conveyed Natalie’s role with Lori Line Photography.

I love night shooting so these pictures were for me! I enjoy the practice!

And this concludes our “What to Wear Guide.” I hope everyone has found this informative and inspiring :) I can’t wait to hear all your ideas! And hooray for Natalie for finally making it in the Linelight!

  • Chris Harvey - September 7, 2010 - 11:12 pm

    Ummm. Kick ass shoot. Good job Lori.

  • admin - September 8, 2010 - 2:32 pm

    Oh Chris! How great to hear from you!

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