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Liz’s Bridal: Chattanooga, TN

Oh my goodness! I tell ya . . . sometimes I just get torn between cityscape and rural settings. However, I love that Liz’s bridal has the look of both. I think I lean more towards rural settings but there’s nothing like a bride hiking up her dress and clicking her heels across a city sidewalk with cars buzzing by! It’s hard to believe looking at this shoot that about 30 minutes before there was a downpour of rain. Thank goodness it stopped and the sun came out! I always want to deliver the moon to my brides and yuk weather can make that a “twee” bit more challenging.

I had so much fun on this shoot! Liz’s mom was a hoot as we walked through the NorthShore and Renaissance Park. I think she knew everyone that passed and if she didn’t, she knew them by the end of the shoot. haha! Liz’s mother Jeanne owns A Child’s Garden Boutique on Frazier Avenue downtown so I suppose she spends a lot of time around that area :) Liz, our social butterfly mothers need to meet! I’ll bring her to the store one day. Until then, I hope you enjoy these pictures! Even when trespassing, you look beautiful! hahaha! Thanks for being so adventuresome!

Totally gorgeous!!!

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