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Libby and Skip Engaged!: GG Ranch – Tennessee

What an exciting ride my last few engagement sessions have been! From an antiques shop, to some downtown night shooting, to dodging thunderstorms in Nashville, to the bright sunny skies of GG Ranch, I think these last few posts really show that there is no limit on how to style one’s shoot. GG Ranch is owned by Skip’s parents. I had no idea that it was such a HUGE place! For being in one location, we were still hopping in and out of Skip’s truck to get from one spot to another. And I must say that watching Libby and I climb in and out of Skip’s tall truck was probably a hilarious

scene. Both of us should have gotten a running start, jumped, and hoped for best. LOL! Take it from the girl who has to use both feet to push her car door open if she parks on a steep hill. Talk about a train wreck that you can’t stop watching. Anyhow, it has been a true pleasure getting to know these two and learning about all our little connections and commonalities. I was so glad that Libby and Skip decided on the ranch as their chosen location because it is also the site where they will be building their first house. Talk about a gorgeous view!

Meet Libby and Skip! undefinedSo sweet . . . undefined undefined undefinedThis next one might be my favorite.  I love how light and airy it looks :) undefined undefined undefinedI also LOVE these next two! The colors are so pretty and I like that the sun is reflecting in the lake. Sparkle, sparkle! undefined undefinedSuch a serene location . . . undefinedMan’s best friend . . . also know as Sydney :) undefined undefinedLibby! You could be the spokesmodel for Latisse undefined undefined undefinedI just love the expressions in this next one . . . HAHA! undefinedMakes me wanna sing The Hills Are Alive! Love!

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