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Jordan and Meredith Married!: The Red House – Franklin, TN

Weddings can be unpredictable. I believe that is why I continue to be a photographer. Although stressful at times, there is something exhilarating about documenting the ebb and flow of emotion, weather, and activity. My biggest challenge when entering this business was feeling confident enough to grab the horns of this bull (the wedding) and leading it where it needed to go to get the “expected” pictures completed. However, with that being said, I have also discovered that the true art of a photographer is learning when and how to loosen the reigns to allow the day to unfold naturally. It has been said that no picture is perfect; there are only perfect moments. A perfect moment and expression can happen in any room and in any kind of weather. I aspire to be the discoverer of those moments and become inspired when they are found. It is an utmost honor when a bride asks me to be her photographer. It is an even greater honor when a friend asks. I get to see all of the emotion behind the scenes and converse with their loved ones which allows me to learn even more about my friend. For the last few years, I have spent New Year’s Eve in Nashville. It’s just something that my husband and I do with our group of friends. Every year it has been freezing! However on this particular New Year’s Eve, the day Meredith and Jordan would wed, it was 63 degrees! There was sunshine, wind, haunting clouds, sprinkling rain, sunshine again, darkness, and a downpour. Because of Meredith and Jordan’s wedding, I will remember 12/31/10 as an exhilarating and enchanting day. Be sure to check out Meredith and Jordan’s SLIDESHOW! To purchase your copy of the slideshow or pictures from the wedding, click on the slideshow’s toolbar for links. I’ll begin this post with a picture of happiness.

We began the day at the salon.

Meredith keeping loose ends tied. Getting ready at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church downtown.
The bride and groom!
Moments from their first look . . .
During group pictures, there was a burst of rain and a sudden dash for the church doors!
Moments later the sun returned! :)
Meredith’s walk down the aisle . . .
First kiss as man and wife!
The bling
Bustling the dress . . .
The wedding party decided to walk to the reception through downtown Franklin due to the uncharacteristically warm evening.  Here they are passing all the shops.
First dance Father-daughter dance
Mother-son dance
Best cupcakes EVER!
Cute topper for their cupcake tower!
It was a party for sure!
Preparing for the stroke of midnight!
The clock strikes twelve!
First kiss of 2011!
It was, indeed, a Happy New Year.

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