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Jessica Anytime!: Chickamauga Battlefield

Last week I met up with Jessica at the Chickamauga Battlefield for an “anytime” shoot. I really enjoy doing these shoots because they literally can consist of anything when it comes to clothing, props, and location. I think it’s important to document each stage of our lives with some professional yet fun photos. With all the social media these days, it’s important to put our best face forward.

I’ve known Jessica for many years as we were in the same class at GPS. And unlike many high schools, we only had about 70 some in our grade. Although it’s been years since we graduated, there are a few things about Jessica that have not changed. Time and circumstances have not changed her free spirit, which I love. She has the perfect blend of spunk and sarcasm. She speaks freely and with honesty. She’s a girl who puts it out there and isn’t afraid to own it, a quality I admire. We had lots of fun on her shoot! It made me smile when she told me that she wanted me as her photographer because she thought she could be herself around me.

This is definitely a hope I have for all my friends and clients: To just be themselves on our shoot. The more people play around and bring out their inner model, the more beauty I see in them. Then all I have to say is “Yes! I love that! Do that again!” and tweak little motions or movements for the light. And for Jessica, the light played beautifully off her skin tone. Light colored skin looks so luminous in photos as you will soon see! Girls always think they need to tan before a shoot but I always say get a facial and some gradual tan lotion for those legs and call it a day! Your body will thank you later :) Anyhow, enjoy this sunshiny shoot of a “one-of- a kind” girl:

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