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I Spy a Family

As a photographer I am often asked at weddings (usually by “that” guest), “So . . . have ya gotten any good ones?” Although I half-think this is his best attempt at a pick-up line, I can’t help but feel a little . . . insulted perhaps.  Given that I’m probably in my eighth hour of shooting, I’m thinking, “Well . . . I’ve only taken 1000 plus pictures at this point so hopefully I have.”  The obvious answer to his question is “yes,” but if I say “yes,” am I gloating? What is the appropriate response to a question that is subjective anyhow?  Oh me . . . *sigh*  No matter what, I can confidently say that I do my best.  Shooting couples is easy to me.  I understand their love.  And if they’re having trouble expressing it in front of my camera, I can usually give instruction to help them out.

Now, with that being said, if someone were to ask me after a family session with children, “So . . . have ya gotten any good ones?” I would have to throw up my hands in panic and say, “I just don’t know!” Since I don’t have any children myself, I have to

dig deep.  I have to remember my own childhood. What was the world like to me? I have to see the world through my eyes and through the eyes around me. There is husband and wife love. There is mother and child love. There are sibling relationships. There are grandparents and dogs.  I have to remember names and relationships.  I have to properly compose an image, metering the light all at once, and check for candid moments in my periphery.  I blink and life if happening all around me each second and I become overwhelmed from the beauty within the chaos.  One part of my brain has just passed out and the other side is desperately trying to slap the other back into consciousness.  And before I know it, an hour or so has passed and it’s over.  All I can think is, “WHOA! What just happened?!”

As I was editing through this family’s photos, I felt like I was viewing a dream I once had.  The images looked new and old all at the same time.  The part of my brain that I believe passed out during our session was awakened from its dream.  And HERE is what it saw:

I have watched this family grow over the years as they have me. I smile when I think back on the Diva Nights, our little outings, the wedding showers, the baby showers, long conversations at the dinner table, the parties, and sometimes even a little fire. Haha! I can’t wait to see where this life takes them. Again, please make sure to view their SLIDESHOW.

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