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I Just Couldn’t Do It!

When Rupert does something bad, I pick him up, give him a little spanking or cage time and tell him “mommy don’t like.” If Rupert has an accident in the house, which is actually rare, I shout, “Did you pee pee in mommy’s house?!” From the moment my husband and I brought Rupert home, we have made it a point to let him know that not everything can be his. Just because something is lying on the floor does not make it an automatic toy . . . like our shoes for instance. For a long time, Rupert never thought to lay on the couch in my office, which I appreciated because it is a very light color and I don’t want to have to clean it if something happens. If you only knew the painstaking efforts

it took to get this couch upstairs! We literally had to take our stair bannisters apart to get it up here! Anyhow, Rupert recently has been jumping up on the couch and making himself at home. Hmmm . . . MOMMY DON’T LIKE! I would turn around from my desk, give him a spanking, and tell him “This is mommy’s.” However, sometimes I get really wired into what I’m doing on the computer and don’t notice things. When I turned around, this is what I saw. There Rupert was . . . sleeping like a little lamb. Although I wanted to reiterate my point that this couch is “off-limits,” I just couldn’t do it! So, instead, I gave him a kiss and took a picture. “Mommy don’t like” but “Rupert don’t care.”


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