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I Don’t Read Fiction

From a young age, I would always try to read fiction books. I had good intentions when I went to the library. I would look for the book with the most interesting or colorful cover. However, by the time I arrived home, my interest was already lost. “What’s the point?” I would think. If I wanted to be entertained, I could go outside and play or watch TV. At Christmas when I would get new toys and gadgets, dad would say “I’ll help you put that together in a minute.” When he would come back into the room, however, I would already have everything built. Over the years, my parents caught on that if someone wasn’t going to show me how to do something, I would figure it out myself. Looking at my bookshelves now, they are filled with “How To” books and instruction manuals. I wouldn’t say that I’m a dork but if I’m going to be reading something, I figure I might as well learn something useful. When I’m not taking pictures or editing, I guess you could say that I’m studying.

I’m constantly reading and trying to figure out ways to improve at my trade. People have asked me in the past how I get out of bed every morning and make myself go to work. It is quite odd when you work for yourself. However, it doesn’t really feel like work. I get out of bed because I have “to do” lists and problems to solve, things that frustrate me that I plan to get to the bottom of (like that squirrel that I think lives inside our walls that keeps me up at night while it scratches around eating its scooby snacks). Anyhow, here is a picture that I edited using some new editing techniques in photoshop. I am really looking forward to shooting Blake and Erica’s wedding this fall. I always smile when I see Erica’s name pop up in my inbox. She loves telling me about things she’s thinking about for her wedding. I always encourage brides to toss ideas at me. I love dreaming with my brides about their big day!

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