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Grace and Mike Engaged!

A few weeks ago Nathan and I got to spend some time at one of the family lake houses in Clayton, GA. I couldn’t believe how green and clear the water was! I pretty much get scared swimming in any body of water where I can’t see what’s in it. I always think snakes or (in the case of the ocean) jellyfish or sharks are going to get me. If I’m ever in “murky” waters, I’m generally riding on a float . . . or Nathan’s back like a little leach. For Nathan’s nerves sake, thank goodness the family lake house is on Lake Burton! haha! I might actually consider going in by myself!

As fortune would have it, all of Nathan’s family was able to make it out on the same weekend. Since Grace (Nathan’s sister) and Mike would be in from Mississippi, we decided to take about 20 minutes during Happy Hour on the dock to get a few engagement photos! Grace and Mike are a perfect pair and I know everyone is happy about having Mike around permanently :) I can’t wait for their wedding in May at Nathan’s parents’ home! Here are a few of my favorite images from our mini-session:

I love how this lake has stone walls! Boat rides made me think of the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disney World.

Their dog Peanut . . . I made him my baby for the weekend :)

“Grace, kiss Mike. Just do it. Right now in front of your whole family!” LOL! Oh the shame! So bashful! haha!

Sometimes those afternoon rain showers bring in cool clouds!

  • Sally - October 21, 2010 - 9:20 am

    I can’t stop looking at them – they are just beautiful – both the photos and the subject matter. Thankyou, thankyou – what a gift to be able to see them. We enjoyed having them in Texas and miss them so much. It is good to know they have such a loving family close to them.
    Sally Cunningham

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