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Erin and Andy Engaged!: Renaissance Hotel – Nashville

Perhaps this post should more fittingly be called Against All Odds. When Erin, my friend and sorority sister, booked me to photograph her wedding, I was SO excited! Erin is so beautiful and can light up an entire room with her smile. Immediately, I began envisioning a beautiful, sunny shoot perhaps in a field with wildflowers in full bloom and bluebirds singing in the background. haha! Well, little did we know at the time that Erin’s smile would be the only source of sunshine for her e-session shoot. Since Andy and Erin already had bought their plane tickets from Florida to Nashville for the weekend, there was no way to re-schedule their shoot. The weather forecast was predicting 100% chance of rain, NOT what I had envisioned. Although saddened by the reports, I thought, “Ok, ok . . . no need to panic. We’ll just roll with it and choose some locations where there are overhangs outside or big windows inside.” After doing a little research, we decided to use Nashville’s Parthenon and trendy Renaissance Hotel downtown. Of course, bonus points were given to the Renaissance since they had an attached parking garage so I wouldn’t have to pull out

my equipment into the rain. Yep, plan B was lookin’ pretty darn good. In fact, the rain seemed to be holding off for my entire drive from Knoxville to Nashville. “Lord . . ,” I thought, “you must really love me . . . OR ERIN!” haha! Since Erin and Andy had prior commitments earlier in the day and I was early getting into Nashville, I thought I would drop by Anthropologie to get the creative juices flowing and perhaps do a little shopping. After browsing around for about 30 minutes, I decided it was time to go. As I exited the door, a cold gust of rain hit me in the face and startled me back into the store’s entrance. Staring out the store window upon the dreary, wet mess outside, I thought, “This is bad. REAL bad.” Braving the cold and rain, I finally made it to my car. As I pulled out onto the main street, I noticed that it was really dark outside . . . like TOO dark to be 4 o’clock at the end of March. I checked my car clock and then my phone. My eyes were not deceiving me. “This is bad. REAL bad,” I thought. Not only would we be fighting the rain, but it was freezing and dark as well. “Why, Lord? WHY?!” I shouted to the heavens.

Despite the weather, when Erin and Andy arrived to the Parthenon, they were all smiles :) undefinedAND after five years of dating, that old-school romance was still there . . .
undefinedTheir love became the source of light for our shoot. undefinedThings were starting to look up . . . undefined. . . until I realized that all parking was taken up at the Renaissance Hotel because of a Predators game. Grrr . . .    undefinedFortunately, my equipment made it safely inside so we decided to take some shots on the escalator that led to a trendy, big windowed, colorfully decorated bar and lounge, which would be perfect for some pictures . . . undefinedEXCEPT that the bar was packed with Predators fans so we continued to use the escalators for more shots. undefinedColorful furniture on the second floor made for a happy photographer and couple. undefinedTHEN, we realized that the hotel was attached to the Convention Center, which gave us more indoor space to shoot. undefinedThings were looking up! undefinedErin and Andy were creating beautiful moments and since the rain was letting up, we decided to create more of those outside . . .
undefinedUNTIL it started to rain again . . .
undefined. . . so we came back inside.  To my dismay, however, one of my lenses began to malfunction (perhaps from the rain) . . . undefinedBUT it was ok because I had others! I’m a professional after all.  However, after all this, I was in need of an alcoholic beverage . . .  undefinedSO we decided to try the lounge bar again.  The crowds had dissipated and finally we could relax and have a drink.  After some time, the atmosphere was looking just right for some cool, colorful shots of the couple lounging at our ultra trendy table.  And just as I was pulling my camera out, ALL the lights go out in the bar for the once a year Earth Hour!!! “Throw me a freakin’ bone!” I shouted to the heavens. LOL!!! The whole world really was against us. undefinedHowever, against all odds, Erin and Andy MADE this shoot. Their love has deep roots and continues to grow. They don’t need perfect; they just need each other.  Click HERE to watch a SLIDESHOW I made for their special kind of love.

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