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Easter Decor: Shop to it!

Spring is certainly here in Tallahassee and Rupert and I have been buzzing around the house getting ready for Easter. Up and down to the attic I go, bringing down boxes full of bunnies and colorful eggs. Every time Nathan comes near my office and starts hearing me “close clicking” all of my windows down quickly, he yells, “I know what you’re doing in there! . . . You’re looking at that bunny porn!” LOL! Although I deny, deny, deny, I’m feeling a little guilty that I keep telling him that I’m just working. So . . . to make things right, I have created some collages with my TOP Easter decor finds (PLUS SHOPPING LINKS) for all my readers!!! Working’s hard . . . *sigh* ;) 1. Follow Me Signs, 2. Dipped Eggs, 3. Easter Book Print, 4. Chicks Tea Towel, 5. Somebunny Print 1. Bunny Pillow, 2. Chick Ornaments, 3. Stuffed Rabbits, 4. Bunny Lamp, 5. Somebunny Print, 6. Watercolor Rabbit, 7. Le Lapin on Burlap, 8. Watercolor Bunny, 9. Vine Bunny Door Charm, 10. Pink Rabbit Print

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