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Chris and Christina Married!

Rarely do I use the word “blessed.” I almost feel like it gets overused and starts to lose it’s meaning. When people say, “I am SO blessed,” are they bragging? Does that mean God favors them more? These are the things that I stay awake thinking about at night. Before I was a photographer, I was a financial counselor (aka a collector of house payments). Everyday I would have to call about 100 different accounts and figure out how I could help these people not lose their homes. Although I sincerely wanted to help them, I usually got cursed out and then was told to have a “blessed day” before they slammed the phone down. I don’t know about you but I think damning and blessing someone in the same sentence is uh . . . counterproductive. And then how can we forget the oh so common “bless you” quickly followed by “thank you” and a snotty nose rag. Being the germaphobe that I am, when someone says, “bless you,” it makes me want to spray Lysol into the air and hold my breath for about 30 seconds until the air is clear. As you can see, the word “blessed” has suffered from some bad connotations in my time. According to, blessed means holy; sacred; consecrated; enjoying great happiness; or blissful. This sounds pretty intense to me so I have vowed to never use this word unless I really really mean it, not to insinuate that others don’t when they use the word as well. 

After much thought and photographing Chris and Christina’s wedding, the only word that I can use to describe myself as a photographer is blessed. There. I said it. However, there’s no other way to describe how I feel when two beautiful people, inside and out, stand in front of my camera. They inspire me with their love and I am driven to become better at my trade because of them. Between the time that I am behind my lens photographing the wedding until the time I can deliver their edited photos, there is something in my soul that wells up with happiness. Chris and Christina have a timeless and romantic type love. Although they were worried about being awkward in front of the camera, their love superceded and shines in all their pictures. I had LOTS of favorites from this wedding and had a hard time choosing which pictures to post. However, if the following doesn’t satisfy your appetite, click HERE to view their slideshow.

Vendors: Monica’s (Dress), Humphrey’s (Flowers), Tyner United Methodist Church (Ceremony), Chattanooga Golf and Country Club (Reception), Mac (Make-up), Prado (Girl’s Dresses), Steven with Sound Force (Entertainment)

The Country Club early afternoon . . .

Getting ready at the church . . .

My mom came to assist the day of the wedding and I love her for doing that for me. I asked her to pretend to be Chris walking out for the “first look” so I could check the lighting. Mom really got into the moment and I think thought she was supposed to sneak up on Christina. haha! What a goofball!

I think I must have been giving commentary to Christina as to what mom was doing behind her! I love when Christina gets tickled! haha!

Moments from the REAL first look . . .

I loved how the sanctuary had little halls to the side that I could sneak into to get pictures.

In the limo on their way to the reception . . . what a classic picture!

Best friends . . . GO BEARS!

Note to the parents of the little boy above: This will most definitely be your son in 20 years. LOL!

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