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Casey and Greg Engaged!: Lake Winnie and the Battlefield

“You get out what you put in” was often reiterated in my college days. It’s a simple concept that gets tossed to the wind at the first glimpse of failure or hassle. However, I believe in the fruits of one’s labor. And this is one FRUITY post! LOL! (I crack myself up) Casey and Greg put a lot of thought into the locations, props, and wardrobe of their shoot and it payed off! For our first location,

Casey and Greg chose Lake Winnie, a small theme park located in Chattanooga. This is where they had their first date at 15 and later got engaged at the TOP of the ferris wheel. For our second location, they chose the Chickamauga Battlefield and maximized the space by bringing along an “old-fashioned” picnic. I adore these two and their love story! Who else do I adore?

THIS GUY! Many smooches to my husband Nathan for coming and shooting with me. Here he is doing a studly “stand in.” undefinedThis open-air diner was a perfect spot to begin our session. undefined undefinedThe exact spot where these two were engaged! undefinedWho doesn’t love these antique cars? Chitty chitty bang bang! undefined undefined undefinedI can’t believe I actually caught these next shots on this rickety roller coaster!!! I literally was holding my camera backwards above my head because I could no longer safely turn around trying to get the shots.  Plus, I was a little terrified because I had no one beside me to hold me into my seat! Ah! undefined undefinedMoments after pulling back in, Nathan gets this shot of my dramatic reaction.  He always gets my best side. NOT! Please note the twisted camera strap and my disheveled sweater. haha!
undefinedNext up, this ridiculous wagon ride!  It looked pleasant enough from the ground.  However, seconds after we got on, we realized that it was trying to gain enough speed to send us back to the days of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Imagine a ferris wheel at warp speed! LOL!
undefinedLove this next one! undefined undefined undefinedAfter an hour or so playing at Lake Winnie, we headed over to the battlefield.  I’m in love with all these pictures! What a great way to end our session! undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefinedI love Casey’s eyes! Grrrowl . . . undefinedA special thanks to Tina, Casey’s mother, for helping organize this shoot as well! HUGS!

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