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Brittni and Matt Engaged!

Brittni and Matt couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous Saturday MORNING for an e-session! “Morning?!” you ask. Yes, originally we had scheduled for a Thursday evening but it was going to be a wash out with storms. I have to admit that this was my first morning e-session so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It was somewhat refreshing to have my daily routine start on what generally caps off my evenings. Anyhow, we started off at Coolidge Park and then made our way to the Art District. Brittni and Matt were so much fun and laughed their heads off! During the course of our conversation, I learned that Brittni and Matt have been taking dance lessons for their first dance as husband and wife. Apparently, they both have two left feet and struggle to find the beat. WELL, let me just tell you, I had loads of advice to give. I’m sure if my husband Nathan had been there, he would have been

mouthing the words “don’t listen to her” behind my back. Pssh! Nathan, I can dance. I just have really long arms so I look a little funny. N-E-ways, getting back to the story, I was telling Brittni and Matt that dancing is all in the hips. And just as luck would have it, there was a HULA HOOP stand set-up in Coolidge for the Outdoor Expo! It was at that moment that I convinced Brittni and Matt that hula hooping was a great warm-up for dancing. “It loosens up your hips and gets your mojo goin'” I explained. With that said that, a hula hooping contest of sorts began between Brittni and Matt. Not gonna lie . . . if Brittni and Matt brought out some hula hoops at their wedding, I wouldn’t mind one bit. Not one bit at all. Hintity hint hint. haha! Wouldn’t that be FUN?!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day!

What’s so funny? Hey! What’s so funny? Guys . . . guys . . . .

No really. What’s so funny?

It’s my hair isn’t it? No? My early morning slur? Guys . . .

What’s really embarrassing about this whole story is that I was leading Brittni and Matt over to the Art District from Coolidge and ended up taking them on a wild goose chase! Six years at GPS and four at UTC and somehow I still can’t figure out which street I need to turn on. How is this possible people?! LOL! And what’s even funnier is that I did the exact same thing on one of my first date’s with Nathan! I was driving us over to Tony’s Pasta before my sorority’s formal and somehow I got lost between UTC and the Art District. I remember laughing so hard, I almost had to pull over and let Nathan drive. He kept yelling, “TURN! TURN! Wait! You’re gonna miss it!” I swear it was like I had no brakes. All I could say was “oops” as I continued to pass up every street he told me to turn on. hahaha! Although I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to be asked out again, looking back I think it was in that moment that Nathan decided that I was going to be his penguin. As I led Brittni and Matt down all the WRONG streets, I started to get tickled remembering that date with Nathan. Finally, I pulled over into the Boat House parking lot. With tail tucked between my legs, I asked Matt if he would lead the way. Luckily, Brittni and Matt humored me and were happy to oblige. Sorry for being such a doofus!

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