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Bethany and Ernie Engaged!: Savannah, GA

What do you get when you put a lawyer and a radiologist together? A couple with not a lot of time! Therefore, a good friend of mine and I drove to Savannah for Bethany and Ernie’s engagement session. Bethany said, “I was kinda hoping that you would offer to come down here.” Well, Bethany, I was kinda hoping to be invited so it was a win, win! haha!

Bethany and I have been friends for years and met at Girls Preparatory School. Every so often our group of friends will get together for dinner or drinks. Usually, this is major catch-up time. I believe it was last fall when Bethany told me how she had met Ernie. First of all, this is one girlfriend that I would not have to ask twice about her boyfriend’s name. Ernie. I LOVE IT! So rare yet so bold! A few months after our conversation, Bethany and Ernie were engaged! They met New Year’s Eve 2009, were engaged New Year’s Eve 2010, and will wed New Year’s Eve 2011! Isn’t that fantastic?!

Although I had met Ernie once before heading down to Savannah, I was really looking forward to getting to know him better . . . mainly because I needed to know that my friend is marrying a good guy. Well, after chatting over coffee one morning, I realized a few things about Ernie. For one, he is the dedicated and determined type. Every morning, he gets up around five and reads before going into work! Two, he makes a really good pot of coffee. And three, he’s attentive to making Bethany’s life . . . easier. He’s generous and selfless and gets an A+ in my book. When my friend and I drove away from Savannah, we sighed in unison and gave each other that “yeah, he’s a keeper” look.

The friend who drove down with me is also named Bethany. And let me tell you . . . if your assistant and bride have the same name, this can make for an interesting and hysterical shoot. I would say, “Bethany, can you move just a little to your left?”

Suddenly, assistant Bethany with reflector AND bride Bethany would both move left. “No, no . . . I mean just bride Bethany.” This continued to happen throughout the evening although I tried to put a spin on each of their names to no avail. LOL! Anyhow, we had lots of fun walking around downtown Savannah and Forsyth Park. Here are just a few of my favorite images from our time spent together:

A photo on the steps of the Mansion on Forsyth Park . . .

  • Mandy - July 14, 2011 - 12:56 pm

    YAYYYYY!!! Savannah is such a great place for photos! I am so excited to be in their wedding :)

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