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Baby Stella

I was probably in middle school or just starting high school when I learned of my sister’s friendship with Jill. Jill and Kristen spent several weeks in Japan together traveling from hostel to hostel during high school. They were two of few who decided to make Japanese their second language of choice. Jill was a year ahead of Kristen in school and landed herself at Rice University in Texas after graduation. After making a visit to see Jill at her new school, Kristen was dead set on becoming a student at Rice as well. Unfortunately, Kristen’s plans never came to fruition and she became an Auburn Tiger instead. Kristen made the best of her new school, however, and made lots of new friends and even met a boy Ben. By this time I was a junior in high school and starting to look at colleges myself. Kristen invited me to Auburn for the weekend to give me a tour and to show me the ropes of being a college student. To make a long story short, I felt very unprepared for the college world . . . socially anyways. Five years in a private all girls school wearing uniforms everyday and suddenly you find yourself looking like a huge dork with no clue as to what girls wear in the real world. Backless shirts, mini-skirts, and wedge heels, none of which could be found in my own suitcase, were the attire of choice for most girls during the evening

hours. I was an impossible case. During my visit Kristen decided to stop in at one of Ben’s friends apartments. I’m not sure why we were there but the visit was brief. In through the living room passed this tall boy named Lewis. He threw a wave and shouted, “Hey! What’s up?” And that was about the extent of our conversation.

As destiny would have it, Jill also made a trip to see Kristen and met Lewis as well. Jill and Lewis hit it off immediately and began dating long distance. A few years later, they married. And a few years after that, Stella was born. As a gift to themselves for their 5 year anniversary, Jill, Lewis, and Stella traveled in from Nashville to have some photos taken. As I looked at Stella, studying her every move, I couldn’t help but think of how it all began . . . of how this precious little thing came to be. Stella’s done a fine job raising Jill and Lewis :) As I photographed the daily routine between Jill and Stella, I was mystified by their relationship. It is a love that I do not know nor that I understand. I am like a curious child looking at life for the first time. I can only be honored to walk and photograph in the shadows of such a wonderful mother. Jill and Lewis, happy anniversary! I hope you enjoy the photos and your SLIDESHOW.

I loved all these tender moments between Lewis and Stella. So sweet!

Due to my poor composition skills, I present you with a hilarious 3 headed monster.  LOL!

The next ugachaka baby, perhaps?

Floating in a sea of bubbles . . .

  • Vanessa Clark - June 1, 2010 - 9:39 am

    You make me cry when you capture life’s tender loving moments. You captured the bond between a mother and a child. Jill and Lewis absolutely beautiful! Happy Anniversary.
    Vanessa Clark

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