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Andrew and Lauren Married!: Durham, NC

Sometimes, when my husband walks through the front door, I scream down the stairs from my office, “Well! Guess what?!” For me those three little words generally denote that something wrong has happened and I am about to embark upon a 15 minute story about my daily woes. Most of the time, Nathan will reply, “Oh kitty, I just can’t imagine” and then fake listen as I pace the kitchen floor, flinging my arms around, shouting to the heavens all my frustrations. However, on occasion, Nathan will reply, “I really want to listen to your story but l’m kinda busy so let’s try to keep this to 200 words or less.” Seriously people. 200 words or less? Although I usually scoff at this impossible suggestion and say, “Fine. I’ll just call my mom” and walk away with my nose turned up, I am going to try Nathan’s advice and keep the following tragic story to 200 words or less for the sake of my blog readers and my lingering to-do list. Deep breath and here we go:

September 17th. 10 am. Emi (my 2nd shooter) and I leave for Durham, NC. Spend $29 on gas. Stop at Chik-fil-a. Spend $8 on lunch. Got a milkshake. It was good. Arrive at hotel. Start unpacking. Want to retouch make-up. Make-up bag in TENNESSEE! Moment of panic. Emi: “I guess you won’t be wearing make-up tomorrow.” Me: “Are you crazy? I need people to smile in my general direction.” Create plan to go to mall after rehearsal. 4:45 PM. Arrive at the church for rehearsal. Everyone is happy! 6 PM. Leave church. Go to mall. Spend $120 at the MAC counter buying replacement make-up. Shop some more. 9 PM. Eat at Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant. Spend $46 on dinner for 2. 10 PM. Go to Target. Spend $20 on make-up brushes and $50 on batteries. 10:45 PM. Arrive back at hotel. Get organized for the morning. 11 PM. Realize I left my outfit for the wedding at home too. My face: PRICELESS. 11:01 PM. Me: “Emi, I don’t believe I’m gonna make a cent off this wedding before it’s all over.”

LOL! As tragic as that story was, Emi saved the day! Fortunately, we are the same size and she had brought extra clothing options for the wedding day. If it hadn’t been for Emi and that nearby mall, I would have looked like I had rolled out of bed, wearing only my shoes and undies to Lauren and Andrew’s wedding! Disaster! haha! 11:15PM. Hotel room fashion show!

In my defense, I remembered ALL of my camera equipment. The next morning I explained to Lauren that her day would be perfect because the worst had already happened; I had left my make-up bag at home. And as I predicted, Lauren and Andrew had a perfect day. And when it was all over, Emi said, “After watching Lauren and Andrew open their gifts to one another and learning the meaning behind their gifts, I felt a whole new respect for them as a couple. Their love is mature.” I couldn’t agree more and hope that their pictures and SLIDESHOW will prove the many layers of their relationship.

Before we begin, let’s take a look back to the first wedding where I laid eyes on Andrew. Ah. Now wasn’t that an epic moment?

And . . . the second wedding. LOL! Seriously, who wouldn’t want to photograph this guy?! Luckily that old saying, “Always a groomsman, never a groom” did not hold true ;)

I loved the colors that Lauren chose for their wedding. Here are a few details to set the scene.

We started out the day at Posh Salon.

While Lauren was having her hair done, her bridesmaids sat in the lounge and had a little brunch while watching “Dirty Dancing” on the flat screen.  What a cool salon!

Next up: The “He went to Jared” moment.  Look at those girls rush Lauren once she finds out it’s diamonds from Andrew.  LOL!

I love this next shot taken by Emi.  Lauren looks so glamorous!  Look at how great she did her own eye make-up!

Cute candid of Andrew getting ready thanks to Emi.

Andrew’s sweet, sweet mother watched him as he opened his letter and gift from Lauren.  Everything down to the bag Lauren placed the gift in had a special meaning.  Lauren is amazingly thoughtful and Andrew could not get over how wonderful she was to put it all together. He was in awe that he was marrying such a woman!  SO CUTE!

Hug from mom :)

The bride and groom ready to roll!

Some familiar faces . . . Ryan and Mikael of grooms’ past :)Love this shot of the groomsmen hanging out that Emi caught!Emi caught some moments of prayer before the ceremony began.
Lauren holding onto mom’s hand one last time as a single gal.  Lauren waiting in the wings to go down the aisle.  Excellent shot by Emi.  Love her candids!

Lauren giving a little wink to Andrew as she walks down the aisle.Andrew’s reaction: Bless his little heart.  Hugs from Lauren’s parents after the ceremony! Candid by Emi :)Man and wife!

So in love . . .

Loving the light!

Lauren and Andrew getting introduced into their reception!
Lauren’s dad was cracking me up! He was so proud! haha!Lauren having fun at the party.  Just love her expression!

Hope Valley Country ClubToo funny!Peace and Love keeping the party going!

And the duo strikes again! Another fantastic moment caught by Emi!Ooo! Swirly . . .And they’re off to happily ever after! Don’t forget to watch their SLIDESHOW!

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