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Special Message, Secret Shoot: Valentine’s Day 2014

Last month my sister Kristen called me up to see if I could babysit Hudson on MLK day since daycare would be closed. Although I’ve NEVER babysat in my entire life, I agreed because Hudson IS my nephew after all. When I told Nathan that I would be going to babysit Hudson in a couple weeks, there was a looong pause. He said, “Really? . . . It’s hard to imagine how many people she must have called before you.” Shaking my head in unbelievable agreement, I exclaimed, “I know!” After reflecting for a few moments how this might go down, Nathan said, “I’ll clear my schedule. I’m coming with you.” Yep.

Unbeknownst to my sister, we had a FULL day planned for Hudson, including a little secret Valentine’s shoot. While Nathan taught Hudson some new iPad games in the morning, I rushed around the house creating props with construction paper and glue. Next, I scoured his closet for some festive Valentine’s Day attire, which I secretly stuffed in my oversized purse during a lunch meet-up with my sister and her husband. After leaving lunch, Nathan and I drove Hudson around town in a scavenger hunt for balloons. Although making our best efforts, Hudson fell asleep in the back seat just before we got to the park. Total bummer. After getting him home and into bed for a nap, we crossed our fingers that he would be in a good mood upon waking. Time was ticking away and Kristen would be home in a hour. Luckily, Hudson woke up JUST in time to have fun in the sun and send a secret, special message to his mom and dad for Valentine’s Day! By the time my sister got home, all evidence of a shoot had been DESTROYED and/or flew away. I’m wondering how many times since we left that Hudson has pointed to the sky and said, “BOONS!” Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! :)

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