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Bridal sessions continue to be one of my favorite shoots to do with a client! There’s so much anticipation into what the bride will wear and what her gown will look like. Perhaps I just feel special because I get the honor of viewing the bride first in all her bridal glory. Katie did not disappoint as she looked stunning in her wedding gown! I think the following images will help you agree :) Line_KatieBriWeb0001 Line_KatieBriWeb0002 Line_KatieBriWeb0003 Line_KatieBriWeb0004 Line_KatieBriWeb0005 Line_KatieBriWeb0006 Line_KatieBriWeb0007 Line_KatieBriWeb0008

What a fun little evening I had photographing this family. Not only was the temperature outside quite optimal for this time of year, but the light was gorgeous and golden! The ages of these little ones made for an active session. One has just started walking (at a brisk pace I should add) and the other couldn’t wait to show off his lightning speed running skills. Unlike when I’m working with my wedding couples, I don’t have much time to review the images I’m getting from the back of my camera. Little ones keep me on my toes and my camera glued to my face. haha! Any and every second could be an opportunity for the perfect shot. After getting home and reviewing what I DID capture, I was quite pleased with the results :) I adore this family and hope these images will be cherished for many years to come! Here are a few of my favorites from our time together: LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0003 LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0002Big brother was getting everyone tickled. LOL! So cute! LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0001 LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0004BROS. LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0005 LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0006 LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0007 LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0008 LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0009 LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0010 LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0011 LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0012 LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0013 LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0014 LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0015 LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseeFamilyPhotographer_TallahasseeParks_0016

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