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Mikael and Ashley Married!

Although it may seem like a simple task, I find it hard to describe to others what I actually do for a living. I guess the simple answer would be “I take pictures.” However, taking pictures is only about 10% of what I do. So how do I communicate what’s it’s like to be me, the emotions I feel, and the situations I encounter as a small business owner and photographer? Well, I create analogies. Over the weekend, I created THE BEST analogy to describe a particular scene from Mikael and Ashley’s wedding. In fact, the whole thing got me so tickled that I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling over it! Nathan said that I looked “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” for the rest of the evening after telling this story. LOL! Maybe it was the frozen margarita or maybe I was just THAT proud over my analogy.

So here’s how it went down: Every week my husband and I get together for what we call “Date Night with Liz.” We joke that Liz is Nathan’s second wife. Anyway, on Friday we went to a mexican cantina down the street from where we live for our date night. In the course of conversation, Mikael and Ashley’s wedding was brought up. Liz then asked how I was liking my new second shooter/assistant Natalie. Of course, I only had wonderful things to say about her and will hopefully introduce her on the blog in the near future. Until then, just imagine a much cuter and tanner version of myself. Natalie makes for such a great side-kick because she doesn’t question me when I ask her to do something (especially when we’re under a time constraint). She just hops right to it! As I unfolded the events of Mikael and Ashley’s wedding to Liz and Nathan, I started explaining that after the ceremony I had to use a very tall ladder to get some of the group shots outside the church. This part of the story wasn’t meant to be funny but once the words rolled out, we couldn’t stop laughing.

“So I’m up on this ladder trying not to fall, trying to take these group shots, and guests are just scattered everywhere in the background of the picture,” I explained. “And of course, they have no clue that they are even in the picture because distance-wise it would seem as though they were far enough away on the church grounds and they’re just having a grand ole time socializing in the background of these formal shots. I keep trying to re-compose my shots so as to not get random people in the background but it’s just not working. I can’t move the group I’m shooting because they need this area of shade so they aren’t squinting. What’s a girl to do? So I look down from the ladder at Natalie and say ‘I need you to take care of these people in the background.’ Without question Natalie shoots off into the church yard like a border collie herding sheep! LOL! Insert a few “ruff, ruffs” and a sheepish “baah” here and there and we’re talkin’ Animal Planet material! From my ladder I see the crowd quickly part in opposite directions as Natalie runs in circles through the grass motioning everyone to back-up. My eyes grow large in amazement. Within seconds she was back at my side like the faithful companion that she is and I was feeling like I needed to throw her a treat for a job well-done.”

Anyhow, I wish I had a video clip of this scene from the wedding! haha! I totally would have inserted a few doggie barks and stuff! It was hysterical and something that I’ll never forget! The great thing about my job is that I never know what kind of humor the day will bring. Mikael and Ashley’s wedding took place in Nashville. We all felt so lucky that their wedding hadn’t been scheduled for the weekend before when the floods occurred! Here are a few of my favorite images from their beautiful wedding day. Click HERE to watch their slideshow!

To start the day, Ashley and the girls met at a friend’s house for lunch.  Ashley was showered with a few more gifts :)

I love this candid Natalie shot of Ashley walking into the church! So Ashley!

One of the flowergirls waiting to be impressed. haha!

Isn’t Ashley a vision?! So beautiful!

Kids are such curious little fellows . . .

It’s a real shame Mikael and Ashley have no friends.  They’re such a sweet couple, ya know?

I love this shot of the two of them in the limo on their way to the reception :)

Such a sweet picture :)  Quite possibly my fav!!!

Aren’t they adorable?!

First dance

A night shot of Richland Country Club . . .

Everything looked so pretty inside! I loved everything about it!

Shantelle and the Juke Joint Band kept the party going!

This send-off picture cracks me up!

And they’re off to the Dominican Republic! Toodles!

  • Jonathan Andersen - May 19, 2010 - 9:40 pm

    You captured the wedding in such a beautiful way! Your photographs all pop with color, are very sharp, and truly hold the emotion of each moment. Keep up the great work.

  • admin - May 24, 2010 - 9:23 am

    Thanks Jonathan! Love hearing feedback :)

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