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Matthew and Jericka Married!

Every wedding that I photograph, I always try to make it to the rehearsal the night before. Not only does this assure the bride that I am there for her for whatever she may need, but it also allows me to get to know everyone in the wedding party and to create a plan for how I’m going to shoot the ceremony the next day. I’m definitely the type of person who would rather over study than under study. Weddings are like tests for me.  I have to give it my all!

On occasion I am hired to shoot the rehearsal dinner as well. I love shooting rehearsal dinners because I get to know my clients even more through the perspective of their friends and family. The toasts are generally a mix of hilarious and tearful. The past, present, and future are discussed and suddenly we’ve found ourselves caught in a bittersweet evening.

Honestly, before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, I thought I had figured Matthew and Jericka out as a couple. However, as I watched them engage with each other, with their families, and with their friends, my heart softened for them even more. Matthew and Jericka have been a guiding light into each others’ lives and have learned to lean on each other in so many ways. Their faces always light up when they see each other and it makes me smile knowing that they are now husband and wife :)

I really struggled in creating this blog post. For one, I couldn’t decide whether or not to put the rehearsal dinner pictures in with this post or to make a separate post. I decided to make a separate post down the road. Two, do I pick photos based on story line or just my favorites? I decided on a mixture of both. AND, of course, I made a SLIDESHOW. So, let’s get to it, shall we ?

Jericka and her maid of honor Kandis started the day at Options Salon on East Brainerd Road.

They both needed some Visine after a tearful rehearsal dinner.  Neither one of them could put their own drops in.  LOL!  Team work!

Next, we arrived at Elea Blake Cosmetics on Frazier Avenue.  Morgan, another bridesmaid, was there for moral support :) P.S. Elea Blake is having a “Brush-How To” class THIS saturday at 10 am! Learn why choosing the right brush matters!

Love Jericka’s eyes or rather eye in this next one!

Ok . . . jumping a few steps forward: We’re now at East Chattanooga Church of God.  Jericka is waiting for Matthew to come out of the church for their first look.

Matthew kept saying, “You are SO pretty!” over and over to Jericka! It was really cute.  He’s totally checking her out in the next pics.

These next two pictures were caught by my second shooter Emi! I just love them!

Group shot of the men!

Oh my goodness! I am SO glad Emi caught this next shot! Jericka’s bridesmaids were a hoot! They were quite the entertainers!

The ceremony has now started and Matthew’s father is hanging a wreath on one of the pews in memory of his wife.  Bless their hearts.  She was definitely there in spirit and loved by so many.

I was hiding behind some foliage for these next ones.  I felt like I was a tiger hunting my prey!  ROAR!!!!

Aww Jericka! She’s so cute! Look at those cheeks! I bet granny liked to pinch ‘em. haha!

Jericka’s parents . . .

This next little collage was a joint effort by Emi and me.  Love these exit pictures!  So fun!

We have now arrived at Chester Frost State Park for the reception . . . very beautiful grounds for some outside pics!

Matthew, get off your phone! haha!

This next picture was also brought to us by Emi :)

This next picture is really cool because you can see the rain coming down far behind them.  Glad it just wasn’t on top of us!

I love sunset and cool cloud pictures! I’m such a sucker for them!

These next two are a few favs!!!

OK! Now THIS picture I adore!  It was so worth me dipping Emi to demonstrate a perfect dip.  LOL!  Emi looked at me like I was NUTS!  I was like, “I know I’m small but I have a lot of adrenaline right now so I probably won’t drop you.” haha! Oh Emi . . . such a team player! AND check out that speed boat blazing by in the background.  Matthew and Jericka, you’re naturals and you even added a kiss!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Reception decor . . .

Father-daughter dance . . .

Jericka’s mother made these cakes!!! Can you believe this?!? AMAZING!!!! She is superwoman!

Yeah! Cram it up his nose! haha! Cake cutting is a perfect opportunity to get a little feisty :)

There is always one guest that I like to highlight from the reception on the blog.  It’s their reward for keeping me and others entertained during the reception.  AND . . . the award goes TO . . . COURTNEY!  haha!

As a surprise for their guests, Matthew and Jericka had a photo booth set up by Image Cinema.  Look where I found granny!  HYSTERICAL!

Next up: The most frame-worthy of all photos ;)  Emi and I had some fun in the booth too!

And as we know, all good things must come to an end.  Loved this idea for their exit with the glow stick necklaces! How cool!

And they’re off to Jamaica ‘mon!  Special thanks to Peggy from Peggy’s Petals for making this day run so smoothly!

  • Michele Robertson - July 16, 2010 - 12:13 pm

    The wedding pictures are beautiful!! Jerika you are stunning and so happy. I’m so happy for you and Matthew. Wish I could have been there to share it with you.

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