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Matt and Brittni Married!

One of the great things about my job is that no two days ever seem the same. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Brittni, Matt, and their families over the last few months. It’s exciting to see the bride’s vision for her big day come to fruition from the time of our first meeting. Luckily, my leg did not end up trapped in a folding chair like at the last wedding. However, I did almost cry when I realized that a few tears were welling up in Brittni’s eyes during family pictures. I’m definitely one of those people who won’t allow myself to cry over something personal in front of others but buddy I’ll tear up for someone else. It was kinda funny how it all happened really. I always start large with family pictures and narrow it down to the mom and dad at the end. It was about the time that we got down to the immediate family that I noticed something going on in Brittni’s face. Two thoughts ran through my mind: 1) I did something wrong ; 2) It’s so hot outside, she’s crying. Then as I paused, lowering my camera to see if the emotional moment would subside,

I looked out upon the scenery surrounding us and took in a deep breath. And just as I stepped out from my visually over-stimulated world, my other senses kicked in. In the distance, the DJ was checking his sound, playing what sounded like a glorious movie soundtrack to Brittni and Matt’s day. Suddenly, I was there with Brittni, feeling this bittersweet time between her and her parents. It’s the moment that you realize that things will be different from now on and that your parents are allowing you to go your own way. I must say that the music playing in the background was interesting. It was SO wrong, it was right. It was like listening to Barbara Streisand. It’s like how can you be so terrible yet SO awesome at the same time? haha! Anyhow, oddly enough, this might have been my most favorite moment from their day because it spoke an emotional truth that reigns within all brides. Although I didn’t feature this moment in my main blog post, it can be seen in their SLIDESHOW. Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:

The wedding took place in Rising Fawn, GA at the General Woods Inn.

After following me around the property for an hour, this little guy decided it was just not worth his energy to oversee my work anymore. Quitter.

This is actually a shot from Brittni’s bridal session taken a few weeks prior to the wedding. I LOVE this picture!

Oh great . . . wait to go Lindsay. You broke his flower. haha!

First look . . .

We had a runaway flower girl right before Brittni came down the aisle. HILARIOUS!

I would just like to take this time to point out Matt’s reaction to Brittni as she walked down the aisle.  It’s still as sweet and endearing as ever despite the fact that they did a “first look.”  Just puttin’ that out there in case some of you brides are on the fence about seeing each other before the ceremony.  haha!

I loved this moment of dad lifting Brittni’s veil.  What a great way to add tradition back into the ceremony if you do decide on a “first look!”

Brittni and Matt were all smiles after exchanging vows!

Nothing says “I love you” like giving your gal a fresh pulled weed. LOL! Sorry General Woods Inn.

Crazy over these next two shots!

This next picture was the laughter that ensued after an attempted “dip”.  haha!  Pitiful.

Nathan, if you are reading this, please note Brittni and Matt’s laughter is the first picture of this series.  I was doing my impression of that shark off Family Guy.  They totally got it without me even having to explain.  See! I can be funny too!

Playing around with their send-off car :)

A toast . . .

First dance, which they pulled off beautifully :)

Toodles to the newlyweds!

  • Rich Smith - June 24, 2010 - 8:25 pm

    No Comments yet!? I’ll definitely be the first to tell you what an incredible job you did documenting Brittni and Matt’s wedding! Wonderful job. I’m betting Brittni is thrilled!

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