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Lyn and Morgan Married!: Lindsay Street Hall – Chattanooga, TN

I was thinking last night how lucky I am to be a wedding photographer in East Tennessee. It seems as though more and more brides are making a move towards planning September/October weddings. Conveniently, I now have the perfect excuse for missing televised football games. *I know . . . 75% of you are de-friending me on facebook right now.* However, for me, football has never felt personal. Perhaps I could spend hours watching ESPN and get some background stories told by 3rd parties to feel inspired to root for a particular player or

team but I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon. Given that I get to know my bride and grooms throughout the wedding planning process, I find it more personal and exciting to cheer them on, recording the play by play with my camera, until the time they wave goodbye to all their wedding day guests. Lyn and Morgan not only make a great team but I would bet on their love any day. Even the officiant said to me, “Morgan and Lyn . . . I don’t worry about them. They got this.” So, in honor of football season, I say, “GO TEAM WILLIAMS!” Hope you enjoy this re-play:

We’ll begin our story at Hair-a-Go Go. Morgan is such a natural beauty :)Next, we made our way to Elea Blake, where April created a flawless look for Morgan. Totally gorgeous!To get dressed, Morgan and her bridesmaids reserved a room at The Read House.  This might be my favorite wedding dress picture EVER!Boutique Couture guided Morgan into picking the PERFECT dress for her.
These next two shots just feel timeless to me. Morgan wearing the same necklace her mother wore on her wedding day . . . so sweet.  Love the butterfly!It took a few times but Morgan eventually got that chipped nail painted. haha!Fun bride!Morgan and her gals . . .The GROOM! Lyn and his entourage . . .It was a windy day and Lyn’s hair was blowing everywhere! LOL! Remember this moment when you’re old and balding. You know what photos are? EVIDENCE for the grandkids.LOVE!This is the kind of picture that makes me slide out of my computer chair.  SWOON!The flower girl looked too perfect and sweet walking down the aisle at Lindsay Street Hall.Morgan’s eyes were glued to Lyn . . .
Lyn’s mother . . . I think they look alike :)First kiss . . .Married!Some reception details . . .Oh me . . . LOVE THIS PICTURE from their first dance!Parent dances . . .I think Lyn felt a little cheesy doing a mother-son dance.  LOL!  He kept his mom laughing :)
Another beautiful cake by Jericka’s mother!!!! She is super woman I tell you!This one gets me tickled . . . hahaha!Had to post a shot of my October 15th bride Virginia . . . total doll!And one of Jericka (June 26, 2010 bride) and her dad . . . sweet as ever!The flower girl taking the party in . . .Sing it, Morgan!And they’re off to happily ever after!Nice tongue, Morgan! LOL! Special thanks to Katy and Krishna from Foxy Events for making this an even MORE perfect day :)

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