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Living Room Before and Afters + Our Halloween Decor!

I don’t want to say that I tricked my husband into buying our house, but I kinda inadvertently did. When we came across this house in searching for a new home, I was definitely singing another tune . . . something like “Oh look, Kitty! This one’s move in ready! See it’s already painted the color of my home office!” Given that this house was exactly what we needed in a floor plan, we decided to purchase it. AND THEN . . . I got on Pinterest. OH. DEAR.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you might notice that I don’t pin a lot or too often. I’m quite intentional with my pins and only pin things that feel “within reach.” Once I see something that I want or want to recreate, I’m like a freight train barreling through. 24 hours after closing on our new home, it was like “BOOM! SLEDGEHAMMER!” Lol!

Poor Nathan.

In my defense, however, we had only seen this house ONCE before purchasing since we were living in a different state at the time. After closing in July and upon further inspection, we were in agreement that cosmetic changes needed to be done. Because my visions were getting bigger and bigger for our house, we had to comprise on what we would have professionally done and what I was to DIY and what I could buy new and what I had to buy second-hand. Unfortunately, when we moved from Knoxville, the only real furniture we brought was my sofa from my office. Yes, we had NO bed, NO tables, NO chairs. Basically, we only had our work stations and a 7 inch TV . . . AND RUPERT, whom is our most important home component/companion :) Looking around, it seemed quite telling of what our lives had been made up of over the last 5 plus years. LOTS OF WORK and just “making it work.” We DID, however, buy a mattress and box spring soon after closing. WE’RE NOT INSANE, PEOPLE! LOL! We laid it out on some broken down cardboard boxes and slept on that until about mid-November when our new bedroom furniture arrived. It was sort of like camping, which Nathan likes. By December 23rd, yes, I remember the exact date, we finally got furniture in our living room. It was a Christmas miracle!!! hahaha! It seemed like a bit of a sacrifice to wait for furniture for so long, but Nathan and I don’t like wasting any resource, whether that be in time or money, on something that we don’t REALLY love. Go for the gold, ya know?! The sacrifice, the inconvenience, whatever you want to call it, is almost ALWAYS worth it.

Looking back, we should have been thankful that we didn’t have much furniture. Renovations had turned our house into a giant dust bunny! It was a total mess! We were Swiffering our walls every couple of days and changing our air filters about every 3 weeks. Although we have accomplished A LOT on our home, some days, it feels like it’s all moving at a snail’s pace and I get down on myself for not making it all happen faster. After taking a look back at some of the before pictures of our house, I’m feeling MUCH BETTER about the progress. Sometimes you have to look back to see how far you’ve come and just be proud for what you’ve accomplished thus far.

For Halloween, we threw a party/open house so our friends and neighbors could finally see what we’ve been up to over the last year and a half. Although I didn’t take many pictures of the actual party (I was busy playing hostess), I DID take pics of all our decor! We’ll call this a dual before and after/Halloween post. I’ll post more angles of our living room once I get our Christmas decor up! I’m so excited to decorate already!!!! AH!

Let’s begin this post with perhaps the most impressive transformation, THE STAIRCASE! Special thanks to Charles of Florida Contractors and David from Iron Images for making this masterpiece come together. They make an awesome team!

LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseePhotographer_ThriftyHalloweenDecor_0001Nathan would like me to note that he was the one to add the mice on the stairs :)
LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseePhotographer_ThriftyHalloweenDecor_0002Currently, I’m learning how to reupholster furniture. I still need to add piping to these chairs. Work in progress. LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseePhotographer_ThriftyHalloweenDecor_0003Nathan would also like me to note that he was the one that created the “Cauldron of Boos” for the party. I, however, made the treat basket using mom’s sewing machine. HA! We get a little competitive on our projects ;) NERD ALERT! Rupert, as usual, turns into a frog every Halloween. It’s his favorite animal. LoriLinePhotography_TallahasseePhotographer_ThriftyHalloweenDecor_0004Now, to fully appreciate the photos above, this is what the living room looked like BEFORE. LivingRoomBeforeandAfter_RenovationsAlso, here are some iPhone pics of some of the process and work into getting our home to where it is today. LivingRoomBeforeandAfter_Renovations_IronStairRail

Lastly, to keep record and to hint at more images to come, here’s what we’ve accomplished on our home so far: Had all the carpet in the house removed, had the tile in the foyer and kitchen busted out, installed hand scraped Mayan Pecan hardwood floor throughout, removed all wallpaper, patched walls, repainted ALL the trim in the house white (TWICE! First time it peeled off . . . DISASTER!), had the living room fan replaced with a chandelier, had our old staircase removed and new treads installed, designed and installed a wrought iron rail, had all light fixtures powder coated to match the iron rail, added wainscot up the stairs, had SGO out of Chattanooga custom cut an antique mirror to install in our living room, had a gas line dropped in for the kitchen, had new cable and internet connections installed, added track lighting to my home office, replaced all kitchen appliances with new ones, bought a washer and dryer, had our house pressure washed and our shutters repainted, gutted the half-bath and replaced everything new minus the pedestal sink, repainted most rooms . . . still a few to go, “annie sloaned” Nathan’s built-in book case in his office, added dimmers to some light switches, and had overgrowth in the backyard removed.

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