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Lisa and Ben Engaged!: Chickamauga Battlefield

The first time I met Lisa and Ben was at a Starbucks in Chattanooga. We were meeting to discuss photography packages although reality t.v. became a main part of our conversation! haha! Lisa and Ben are extremely easy to talk to and I can tell that Lisa is definitely Ben’s sweetheart. Lisa, trying to be conservative, was willing to go with the first photography package. However, Ben must have been picking up on this because he asked, “Ok, now which package do you really want?” “Well,” she said shyly, “the second.” “Then that’s the one we’re getting,” he said.

Two minutes later, a deposit was in my hand. Some might say that Ben just knows how to take care of business. However, I just think that this is how Ben takes care of Lisa. He doesn’t cut corners. What his sweetheart wants, his sweetheart gets. And for Lisa to feel guilty about it is just silliness in his mind. Isn’t that precious?! There’s no better feeling than knowing that your man is generous in spirit. I had such a fun time hanging out with Lisa and Ben at the Chickamauga Battlefield for their engagement session! Here are a few of my favorite images from our evening:

Ben has a few funny faces up his sleeve :)

I love this next sun-flare picture! SWOON! Note to my husband: You can take me like this in the sparkle of the evening light any day!

It was truly a gorgeous evening!

The end.

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