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Kenny and Doreen Married!: Black Fox Farms – Cleveland, TN

I’m so excited to be posting my first wedding of 2012! My luck may have run out for stellar weather as it rained almost the entire day of Doreen and Kenny’s wedding. However, even though I consider Black Fox Farms an outside venue, the barn made for an absolutely breathtaking setting for the ceremony and reception! I’ve shot at this location several times before but had never seen it quite like this. The inside of the barn looked like an enchanted forest with paths created by plants and trees lit by twinkle lights. It made for a cozy site on such a rainy day. As I was editing

through Doreen and Kenny’s pictures, my heart swelled with joy for these two. I couldn’t help but smile remembering their exchange of heartfelt and, at times, funny vows. I left this wedding feeling like I had just seen a really good movie. It had moments of anticipation, bitter-sweetness, hilarity, seriousness, sincerity, and most of all MAGIC (which, of course, I will narrate below). I feel so honored to have been a part of such a special day! Here are a few of my favorite images from Doreen and Kenny’s wedding:

We’ll begin our story with a few details . . . yep check out that rain . . . Alex helping her mother with her hair . . .
Doreen’s dress was beautiful! It was from White Lace and Promises in Knoxville. Kenny looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the wedding ;) I loved the back of Doreen’s dress! I also want her profile. She has the cutest nose! STUNNING! Moments from their first look . . . so, so glad they decided to do this! Kenny’s expressions were priceless.  More details . . . they took a really unique spin on their guest book! Doreen’s walk down the winding path . . . Married! :) I love the light in this next picture as Doreen’s daughter signs as a witness on the marriage license. The ring bearer struck up several conversations with Kristen and me throughout the evening. He was very concerned to know where the bride was at all times.  And just when we thought the night was over, Kenny gets on the mic to explain that he has a surprise for Doreen but that she would need to exit the barn for a bit.  Once Doreen is outside and out of ear range, Kenny explains to their guests that Doreen had mentioned how she really wanted a dance with her father.  Since it wasn’t going to be a reception with dancing, both she and Kenny decided to forego the traditional dances for more mingle time.  However, not only was Kenny going to surprise Doreen with a few special dances, he was going to recreate a scene from when they were dating using a tent/canopy and a candle lit pathway.  Guest participation was now needed.  All lights except under the tent were cut off as guests created a pathway lit by candlelight. Que Doreen’s emotional entrance back into the barn . . . Doreen has now just spotted her father waiting at the end of the aisle under the canopy of lights . . . After meeting her father with an tearful embrace, Doreen dances with her dad and then son in what feels like an enchanted forest.
Then, sweet Kenny takes Doreen into his arms and gives her a first dance . . . grab me a box of tissues! Absolute magic . . .  I don’t think anyone else existed to them in this moment. I think I could just keep the theme from Somewhere in Time on repeat and just boo-hoo over these pictures. I’m definitely my mother’s child. How can you not love these two?!  And they’re off to their happily ever after!

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