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Jason and Krista Married!

The week of Jason and Krista’s wedding was one of those weeks that I hoped I would soon forget. It was like anything that was going to go wrong went wrong. My car wouldn’t start 3 times so I had to buy a new battery. A bird pooped on my MOUTH in the process. I mean really people! I almost ate a slug that was somehow in my sandwich. The list could go on and on.

As I continued to check the forecast throughout the week for Saturday’s wedding, life continued to grow dim as there was a 60% chance of rain for what was supposed to be a beautiful outdoor wedding. When I woke up Saturday morning, the weather seemed like a toss-up. However, around noon upon my arrival to Laurelwood, the clouds were starting to part. As the day progressed, the sun began to shine, the breeze began to blow, and good feelings about this day began to flow. Jason and Krista were soon married against a picture perfect backdrop. As the party continued without a hitch, a feeling of relief came over me. And just as soon as I thought that my luck was changing for the better, my leg gets stuck in a folding chair. HA! I KNOW! How do these things happen to me? All I know is that I was taking pictures of people dancing and then as though I was putting on a sock, my ankle and leg are suddenly wearing a folding chair. Go figure.

My first thought as I tried wiggling myself out of the chair was “Oh goodness. I hope nobody is seeing this. How embarrassing!” Three minutes later my thought turned to “OMG! Will someone look over here already?! I am seriously stuck!!!” Luckily, the look of panic on my face caught a guest’s attention. As he sat me down in another chair, he tried wiggling the chair off my leg.

So here I am . . . sitting in a chair with another chair shut like a clam around my leg. Suddenly, more guests started walking over and got tickled by the whole scene. Guests started asking other guests, “Does anyone have a camera? Someone needs to take a picture of this!” Oh horror. Eventually, with the help of four guests, my leg was finally released from the the JAWS . . . of that chair.

Hello. My name is Lori Line and I am the Susan Myers of wedding photographers. I have come to the conclusion that any anxiety that I might feel before shooting a wedding is not “what if I don’t get the shot” or “what if it DOES rain.” No. My anxiety stems from “what if I trip on my pant leg” or “what if my cornea gets burned by one of the send-off sparklers” or “what if my leg gets stuck in a folding chair.” Despite these worries that keep me awake at night, I at least know that injured or not, I will perform like a champ and give it my all! Because . . . as they say in Hollywood, “The show must go on.”

Before I actually get to the most interesting part of this post (the pictures), a little background is necessary. Many moons ago, I attended an all girls school in Chattanooga. As is the tradition at GPS, each senior is matched with a seventh grader to mentor. They call this pairing Cat/Rat. And as is also tradition, there is a Cat/Rat Parade to kick off the school year. The parades are themed and the cats must dress up their rats accordingly. As luck would have it, my cat was the groom’s sister. When Krista contacted me in regards to photography packages, she had no idea of this connection I had with her fiance. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to begin:

Here I am with my two cats Erin (left) and Bethany (right) at the Cat/Rat Parade. Bethany is Jason’s sister and I am a G.I. Joe.

Six years later I carry on the tradition and dress my rat Alex up as Bullwinkle.

Eight years later I am photographing my cat at her brother’s wedding at the same venue my husband and I married. What a small, small world.

Now let’s move on. I’ll go ahead and set the scene for you . . .

Krista getting ready . . .

Meet the bride and groom!

The girls dresses are all from J.Crew! Love the colors!

I love when guys are funny and just relax in front of the camera!  A little pre-gaming never hurt anyone, right? :)

Krista and Jason’s dog Boone was the ring-bearer.  He came down the aisle and everything!  I could just eat him up!  Doesn’t he look friendly?!

Guests handed Krista flowers as she walked down the aisle.  This is how she made her bouquet.

Reception details with DIY flowers! Love it!

First dance

What a funny guy!

Father-daughter dance

I adore this picture of Jason and his mother dancing.  The light, the shadow on the floor . . . I just love it!

Jason’s mom dancing with her father.  Too precious!

Gotta love a river-dancing guest!

“Jump on it!  Jump on it!” . . . HAHA!


  • Krista Gehrlein - June 21, 2010 - 10:33 pm

    Lori- I have always loved your blog, I have been following your blog for more than a year now, I love to look at all your pictures! You did such an awesome job on our wedding….thank you! Although, I seemed to have missed your leg in the chair incident… I had no idea! Too Funny!

  • admin - June 24, 2010 - 11:25 am

    Hooray! So glad you love them! And in regards to the chair incident, glad you missed it! haha! I felt kinda stupid.

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