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Happy Friday from Rupert!

Rupert is growing like a little weed! When we first brought him home, he was 2.7 lbs. Now, he is 4.8! Although he still seems small, he has almost doubled in size. His personality is becoming more and more apparent each day. When dogs are little, it’s hard to tell if this is just puppy behavior or if this is what their personality is. Nathan and I have come to the conclusion that Rupert is an alpha dog and believes that everyone should play with him. He is not shy AT ALL and demands attention from any person or animal that might pass. I’m fairly certain that Nathan and I have met all our neighbors because of Rupert. He is the hit of the park and gets the cutest dog award by many of the runners in Sequoyah Hills! The trail in Sequoyah Hills actually spreads over several miles. However, now that Nathan and I have been taking Rupert with us, we only run about 100 yards . . . back and forth because Rupert can’t decide which runner he wants to chase. LOL! When it’s time to come home, he wines and cries because he believes there are more friends to be found.

Something else that I’ve started to notice about Rupert is how he sticks the tip of his tongue out when he’s concentrating, specifically when he’s practicing his tricks. Nathan, of course, claims it’s a sign of genius. haha! Perhaps, Nathan, perhaps. For Super Bowl Sunday, Nathan and I headed out to his parents’ house for their annual Super Bowl party. While there, I caught these two shots of Rupert that I just had to share! Look at his muppet mouth (pronounced muppet mowf)! haha!

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