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Drew and Annie Married!

It was the Wednesday before Drew and Annie’s wedding that I found myself thinking about all the emotions brides must feel leading up to one of the biggest days of their lives. I have to admit. I wasn’t in a sentimental mood at the time. In fact, I was sitting at the hair salon with foil in my hair, getting highlights, and trying to answer emails over my phone. Total multi-tasker. As I punched away at the buttons on my phone, my attention was being intermittently drawn by a quiet, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl, who I eventually learned was only four. As her mother sat in the next chair over also being “foiled,” her daughter stood close by and observed these “big girl” activities. I couldn’t help but remember these days with my own mother. However, if I had to guess, I was not as quiet. In fact, I probably would have been sitting in the next chair over cracking myself up with the funny faces I could make in the mirror. I have hundreds! Tired of standing, the little girl wandered over to the

magazine table. Wondering which magazine she might choose, I continued to watch. Given how small she was, I figured she was not at an age where she could read. The first magazine she picked up was a hair magazine. The cover didn’t interest her too much so she tossed it aside. The next was a “Redbook.” “Oh Lord,” I thought, “Don’t open that can of worms.” LOL! Luckily, she didn’t and tossed that one aside as well. The third magazine was a “Men’s Health.” Stretching my neck a little to get a better view of the tan, half-clothed, muscular man on the cover, I wondered if the little girl would be as interested as myself. Perplexed by the image, she studied the cover for a few more seconds until she remembered that thing about cooties. Again, a magazine was tossed aside. The next magazine she picked up was “Bride.” Star-struck by the beautiful woman in the big white dress on the cover, her decision was made. Nestling down in one of the salon’s big black

chairs, she opened the magazine to begin a journey that may not end for another 20 years.

Yes, even at the age of four, we long for the day when we get to wear that big white dress, where everyone is overcome with our bridal beauty, and we ride off into the sunset with our one true love. Annie was no exception to this dream. She loved every second of being in her dress. She twirled. She danced. She laughed. Most of all, she felt gratitude for all those that helped get her to this point. A dream was realized as she made her way down the aisle to Drew. Overcome with emotion, tears rolled down her cheeks. It was the end of one journey, the opening up of a magazine, and the beginning of another which would not be traveled alone. Congratulations, Drew and Annie! May happiness continue to find you! Please click HERE for your SLIDESHOW.

Let’s start with the Wednesday before the wedding with Annie’s bridal session in Sequoyah Hills, where Nathan and I live.  Quite the convenient location for bridals since brides can dress at our place :)

Love this next picture!

We had great light that evening!

I loved that Annie was not afraid to let loose and have fun in her dress!  I can easily fix a little spot on a dress in photoshop but I can’t create a moment after the fact.  I’m glad Annie embraced her time.

Gorgeous! I can already see some of these pictures on a canvas :)

Let’s move on to the morning of Drew and Annie’s wedding.  All the girls came over to Annie’s mom’s for brunch. I could start every morning like this!

Oh the laughter and conversations we had! haha!

Next we made our way over to Salon Visage, where many of Annie’s bridesmaids also had their hair done.

Annie discussing ideas for her hair . . .

No outing would be complete without a treat :)

To finish getting ready, we headed over to the church.

I love this blurred image of Annie’s wedding dress!  My second shooter Emi is brilliantly creative.  And yes, she meant to take the picture this way :)

The bling . . .

One last look in the mirror . . .

Hello! Love it!

Emi's shot :)

First look . . .

Check out Drew’s dilated pupils! That means he likes what he sees! I’m a body language expert, Annie.

Adorable picture of Drew taken by Emi!

This next picture is SOO cute! I squealed when I saw it! A-Dorable! Thanks Emi!

This next picture seems so romantic to me.  Melting in my chair . . . *sigh*

This next mega picture should be on a canvas.  WOWSERS!

Such a fun group of girls! You really have NO idea!

Love this candid caught of Drew and his dad!  Another great image by Emi . . .

Let the ceremony begin!  Photographers are only allowed in the balcony at this church so I sent Emi up there and I sat in the audience with my husband as a “family member,” which I am.  It was kind of weird having to be completely stationary during the entire ceremony.

Annie’s trip down the aisle . . .

I love the raw emotion in this next picture.  I love how everyone’s smiling at Annie, watching her experience the emotion of this moment, and she’s about to burst into tears.

Now, it’s time to party at the Square Room!

I even got to join in on this next picture since I am an ADPi myself :)

And they lived happily ever after  . . . click HERE for their slideshow.

  • Nate - August 3, 2010 - 10:37 pm

    First! Not really fair though, as I had “inside information” that this was just posted. Pics are phenomenal as usual. Welcome to the family, Annie!

  • admin - August 3, 2010 - 11:40 pm

    Oh kitty . . . you really DO love me :) Didn’t think to write a limerick, eh?

  • Nate - August 4, 2010 - 5:44 pm

    So its a limerick you want, eh? How about…

    An ode to my cousin named Drew,
    whose luck was too good to be true.
    His new bride so hot,
    and he is well . . . not.
    How could he not say “I do”?

  • rebekah stanfill - August 10, 2010 - 8:50 am

    Annie, you were a beautiful bride! Congratulations! Your pictures are great. Looks like it was a wonderful event.

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