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Special Message, Secret Shoot: Valentine’s Day 2014

Last month my sister Kristen called me up to see if I could babysit Hudson on MLK day since daycare would be closed.Let me see more!

VBT Review: Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard

Lately I’ve become a walking advertisement for some companies. I can’t help it! Once I find something ILet me see more!

Moms: They always know best!

A few years ago I found myself drowning in a sea of “have-tos,” never having any time for myLet me see more!

Special Promotion: Delight in Winter!

Winter’s got a bad rep when it comes to having one’s picture made but we should delight in all seasons andLet me see more!

Adventures in Canada: Banff Springs Hotel

Earlier this month Nathan and I received the opportunity to join my parents on their trip to Banff, Canada. However,Let me see more!

A Happy 4th!

It’s not too often that I have a “shoot free” weekend so I’ve decided to relish in this momentLet me see more!

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