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Kaylee Radzyminski: Round 2!

If there were ever a mother who deserved to brag about her child, it would be Kaylee’s.  Kaylee is only aLet me see more!

Sneak Peeks!

These last few weeks have been killer dudes! It’s after midnight and I should be resting because I am sick.Let me see more!

Sandra and Josh: Tennessee Valley Fair

If I were to ever visit Las Vegas, I might never come back. I am such a sucker for twinkly lights, sparkly things, andLet me see more!

Meet Part of My Crew: Natalie on What to Wear!

Finally, I have gotten around to making this post. These pictures were taken in MAY! It’s been a busy summer toLet me see more!

Mallory and Frank: Anytime

Repeat business is the best compliment I think I can receive in this business. This shoot was just that: repeatLet me see more!

A Mother-Daughter Make-Over!

I am a fan. I am a HUGE fan of Elea Blake Cosmetics and Hair-a-Go-Go in Chattanooga! They do an over-the-top job inLet me see more!

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