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Boudoir: Stretching Out

Recently, my husband and I took a trip to Vegas and went to the Legends Concert, a show of impersonators singing and dancing like our favorite stars. I’ll go ahead and say it; it may have been the closest I’ll ever get to seeing my beloved Celine Dion in concert. As each new performer was introduced on stage, I had my doubts on the first song. By the second song, I was increasingly becoming convinced. HOWEVER, when Elvis came down from the stage and started singing to the girl behind me, there was something about how the light hit his hair and silver microphone just right that made me want to throw my hands up in the air as though I had received some gospel news and yell, “I BELIEVE!!!!” LOL! It was like Elvis and I were truly having a moment. Nathan said, “I always know when you like something because you get this smiley, dopey look on your face.” As I’m writing this post and reviewing the following pictures, I can only imagine how dopey my face must look right now. The light on this girl’s body is AHHH-MAZING and it should make us all want to yell, “I BELIEVE!!!” haha! Enjoy!

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