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Ben and Amanda Married!

I’ve said it before but I really enjoy shooting weddings of friends! Not only does it assure that I will be present but it tends to make my job more fun :) I saw so many old friends at this wedding, it felt like a mini-reunion. I’ve known Amanda for years now as we became sorority sisters about 10 years ago. Everyone at this wedding was so relaxed. Even the “run-of-the-mill” family photos were fun! Talk about some characters at this wedding ;) Ben and Amanda’s personalities really shined through their photos and kept me laughing even while editing through their images. Anyhow, let’s get to the good stuff! I’ll set the scene with a few details. Amanda began her day at Nico’s Hair Salon . . . Next, we headed over to First Christian Church where Amanda finished getting ready. Amanda and her mom :) Love this next picture! Amanda wore a blusher down the aisle. Amanda’s mom and Ben’s mom being goofy :) Down the hall, Ben was getting ready for his debut as well. Amanda looked so beautiful! Adore this picture! AND this one!  Moments from their first look . . . Pahaha! GQ-ing it!
We had a few onlookers . . . Ben was doing his “dignified” pose here . . . hahaha!
OH THESE TWO! LOVE! It was hard to find a “serious” moment . . . LOL! Dad with his gals . . .  Honestly, did anyone expect anything less? hahaha! Au naturale . . . Amanda and her father seconds before walking down the aisle :) A little unexpected cry . . . very sweet. The first time I ever got to yell “mazel tov” at a wedding . . . totally made my day for some reason.  I think I just enjoy yelling fun words and exaggerating celebratory activities. LOL! A few reception details . . . First dance . . . definitely some of my FAVS! A dance with dad . . . A surprise slideshow was shown and made for some good laughs! My diamond family!!! I may have “paid” for my friends but I only bought the best ;) XOXO! Do note their cake toppers . . . HYSTERICAL!  And they’re off to happily ever after!!! . . .  MAZEL TOV!!!!!!

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