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Adam and Jeni Married!: Sequoyah Marina

Slowly but surely I’m getting that long stretch of weddings posted here on the blog. I couldn’t wait to share Jeni and Adam’s wedding because of its uniqueness! It’s not often that brides will bite the bullet and use their own house for the wedding. However, Adam did such a great job building it that I can’t blame them for wanting to share it with their family

and friends! Jeni and Adam had a lakeside ceremony in front of their house and their reception at Sequoyah Marina. IT.WAS.GORGEOUS. It was one of those weddings where you would have wanted to be a guest! Everything sparkled next to the lake. But let’s get on with it, starting with some ADORABLE details!

It felt symbolic to hang Jeni’s dress on the front door of the house Adam labored over. LOVE IT! I just love their house and the boat details! Fits the wedding theme . . . Jeni looked gorgeous getting ready in her room!  This is the same bracelet that Jessie wore in her wedding.  The bride and groom! Be sure to check out Jeni’s bridal shoot as well! I loved that their was an old vintage boat on the property for pictures!!!  So sweet . . .  Perhaps my FAVORITE! No wait. I lied. Maybe this one. Jeni is ripped! Look at those calf muscles!  The boys . . . The girls . . . So here is where it gets interesting . . . Jeni and Adam had all guests arrive at the marina, thinking that the ceremony and reception would be there.  Confusion sets in as they realize that no one from the wedding party is there. But no worries . . .  You’re about to take a SUPER FUN boat ride! Bye bye, marina! See you in a few! :) From her window, Jeni watches guests arrive to the ceremony. Guests are greeted and then led to their seats. I love this next image of the officiant and Adam with his two girls in the background.   Jeni and her father about to walk down the aisle . . . I love the shadows in the second picture.  First kiss! Who couldn’t love this next picture? hahaha!
The wedding party walking to their “sunset”cruise . . . Good evening, Captain Stubing! How are Gopher and Doc? Permission to come aboard sir?
The Marina! Isn’t it beautiful?! Twinkle, twinkle! A dance with dad . . . so sweet :) The next picture got me tickled! LOL! Oh Jeni . . . *sigh* Jessie, Lea, and Heather showing off their gymnastics skills . . . I loved this sweet moment between Jeni and her brother :) Jeni looking terrified as she runs through the ring of fire towards her happily ever after. LOL!!!! Couldn’t resist ;) Too funny!

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