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I’ve been noticing something lately about toddlers. They all seem to have an obsession or “thing” as I call it. My nephew Hudson’s “thing” seems to be books. He likes to flip through them and place them on the laps of anyone willing to read them to him. My friends with children all seem to have a toddler with a particular obsession as well. This whole idea that toddlers can have an obsession is intriguing to me so, of course, I had to ask my mother what my “thing” was when I was little. “Oh honey! It was your COLORING book,” she explained. “Everywhere we went you’d HAVE to have that coloring book under your arm, carrying a couple crayons in your little hand.” What can I say, people? I’M A LOVER OF THE ARTS! lol!

As you look through my blog and website, you’ll notice that I love color. Color expresses cheerfulness and quite frankly I prefer the sunny-side of the street. The older I get, the more I realize that I march to the beat of my own drum and seize opportunity as it presents itself. My husband Nathan and I tied the knot October 18, 2008. Since then, we both left the corporate world to follow our dreams. I am now in my sixth year of business and Nathan works as a college professor in the Hospitality, Retail, and Tourism Department at Florida State University.

Although being a photographer is my job, it’s also been a wonderful escape. In the end, when you are standing in front of my camera, it’s not about me; it’s really about YOU, your story, and celebrating milestones. When a client books me for a session or wedding, I consider it an invite to a celebration and am honored to be the chosen one to capture it. If you’d like me to help preserve your memories through photography, you can connect with me via phone (423-322-6523) or email (

Special thanks to my mom, Kristen Jeffers (photos), Darin of Elea Blake Cosmetics, and Meg of Hair-a-go go for helping me with this shoot! You are total lifesavers and always exceed my expectations!

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